Tarot Masterclass – Creating Your Own Spreads

When you’ve been practicing with your cards for some time the traditional tarot spreads such as the Celtic Cross can start to feel somewhat limiting especially when reading for others. Once you have learned to interpret both the cards and the positions, most people want to add more depth and power to their readings and one way to achieve this is to create your own tarot spreads.

Where to begin? First start by modifying the spreads you already use. Add cards to clarify outcomes or situations or to gain more insight. Keep a note of the meaning of the positions you add and the interpretation you give them even if your layout is a simple one. You may forget the meaning you assigned to it the second time around! Over time as you begin to gain confidence you can start to add more cards or change the entire design of the spread in a way that resonates with both you and the question being asked. Remember – there is no single ‘right’ way to read the Tarot.

Creating your own spreads isn’t just about honing your Tarot interpretation skills. It’s also a personal development issue. Look at the layouts you design as a reflection of your own soul growth. How do the positions and the meanings you have assigned to them reflect on where you are on you spiritual path? The spreads you design will often mirror your own journey. This is the gift you bring to your readings.

Creating our own layouts isn’t for everyone. Many readers never deviate from the traditional Celtic Cross spread yet give excellent, detailed readings. Only you will know if creating your own spread is right for you. However, you will need to have forged a strong connection with your cards before trying it and even if you are an experienced reader I don’t recommend you try it with a brand new deck you have yet to get to know. However, different spreads can really hone our intuitive interpretation of the cards unlocking our psychic abilities at a very deep level.

Like all Tarot spreads, even interpreting your own one correctly takes time and practice. But developing new ways to read the cards not only enhances your skill as a reader but also injects a new element of creativity into your readings which can only benefit you as a reader and those you read for!


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