Tarot Manifestation – Use the Cards to Manifest Your Dreams

Tarot Manifestation – Use the Cards to Manifest Your Dreams

Many people don’t realise that Tarot cards are not just for predicting the future. Tarot cards are rich in symbolic meaning and form a gateway between your subconscious and the creative force of the universe. So, you can use the Tarot to help manifest your goals by linking yourself to universal abundance.

We often have a Tarot reading when we’re contemplating big changes in our lives. In fact, we can say Tarot has evolved with change in mind. So, if you’re looking to create change in any area of your life – work, career, love, or if you want to lose weight for example, Tarot can be a powerful tool for transformation.

Ready to start manifesting? First, decide on your goal. Let’s say you want to draw more money to you. First of all, write down 10 things in your Tarot journal that you believe having more money will bring you in terms of abundance as opposed to actual things you would own. In other words, don’t list the house/car/designer clothes you would buy but things like ‘security’, ‘peace of mind’, ‘more time to be with the people I love/be creative’. Think of the experiences the money will bring you – not the material things. This allows the energy to flow.

Now, spread out your Tarot cards in front of you face down. Run your hands over them and following your gut feelings, choose six cards at random. Lay them out in a row and turn them over.

1st Card:

Represents where you are now in terms of manifesting your goal

2nd Card:

What thoughts or mindset you think you need to let go of to get to your goal

3rd Card:

What you are really leaving behind when you get to your goal

4th, 5th and 6th Cards:

The Three Paths ahead of you.

The ‘Choices’ is the most important part as it shows you the way to your goal is made up of different pathways. Is there one card whose image you really like or truly signifies what your goal is? If so, meditating on it will pull your goal towards you so look at it often.

Don’t forget to write down the six cards in your Tarot journal and also your interpretation of their positions.

You can vary this exercise according to what you want to manifest. For example, if you want to manifest more love in your life, write down 10 most important qualities you are seeking in a partner and then pick the six cards. If a court card turns up pay special attention.

At the very least, this exercise will bring in some synchronicities that will point you in the right direction to manifesting your goal. At the most, the results can be extraordinary helping to draw your desires to you in ways that you never thought possible. The Tarot is a powerful tool of transformation that goes beyond merely predicting the future – allowing us to create one as well.


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