Tarot Magic! What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

Tarot Magic! What To Do When You Don’t Know What To Do

We’ve all been in situations where we’re just not sure of the best course of action, feel we have tried everything to no success or even are frozen with indecision as we fear whatever we do is going to be the wrong choice! If you are facing that kind of dilemma right now the good news is that the Tarot is there to help you and get you moving again by opening you up to new ideas, possibilities, solutions and directions you can take.

How does this work? Well, the Tarot contains symbols that activate our unconscious mind and link us to our higher self – but in a way we can understand. Yes, our higher self is constantly sending us messages but we can doubt this or the message just gets drowned out in the chatter and busy-ness of our everyday lives. By using the Tarot we tune out the static and open a clear channel to higher wisdom.

Turn off your phone

As usual with any kind of spiritual work -turn off your phone and ensure you will not be disturbed during this exercise. Have your Tarot journal to hand as well as you will need it to record your impressions. Shuffle your cards and as you do so think about the area or issue where you are stuck. Say to yourself: ‘I now open myself up to new ways of thinking about and dealing with this issue. The universe is alive with possibilities which is now presents to me’.

Draw a single card

When you are ready, draw out just one card at random. If a card drops out while you are shuffling, this is your card. But you only need pick one.

Describe your card

Look at your card. Now describe it out loud to yourself in as much details as possible without naming the card. For example, let’s say you picked The Moon. You would not say ‘The card of The Moon shows . . .’.

Instead focus on the images and imagine you are describing the card to someone who cannot see it.

A full Moon appears in the night sky and dogs howl at it. Two pillars stand at either side and a lobster emerges from the water. A path leads off into the distance towards some mountains . . ‘

Now you have described the card, describe it as if YOU were in it.

I look up at the full Moon shining down on m. I am standing at the water’s edge and looking down a lighted pathway that leads away into the distance. Dogs are howling close by and there are two towers or pillars marking the start of the road ‘.

Trust that whatever comes to mind is related in some way to your present situation. Start to write all these impressions down – anything including the colours, ideas or thoughts that occur to you. You might for example think ‘That road wants to lead me on a journey’ or even a song lyric or a well-known phrase – don’t censor yourself whatever you do!

Make a list

When you have finished you should have a list of words, phrases and images you have associated with the card. Now, think about your situation and look at your list and see what words or phrases jump out at you. Make a shorter list of these – they do not have to appear important but they could turn out to be. If you do this exercise first thing in the morning then be on the lookout during the day for signs, people, synchronicities and events that are related to your card.

If you are doing the exercise at night, then be on the look out the following day. What is happening is that your subconscious mind is now on the look out for connections to make between these and your problem to nudge you in a more creative direction to solving the issue.

Keep an open mind and trust that it’s all in the creativity and hearing your inner voice more clearly. The Tarot really can open you up to alternatives when it comes to dealing with life’s problems which is why Tarot is so much more than just a predictive tool!

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