Simple Steps To Learn Psychic Tarot Reading

If you’ve been practicing your Tarot skills then you’re beginning to realise there’s so much more to the cards that just the standard interpretation. So let’s take a look at how you can start to open up your Tarot readings to include amazing psychic insights – it’s easier than you might think!

First of all you need to enter an ‘open’ psychic state. To do this, get comfortable – sit or lie down, close your eyes and relax. Take a deep breath and imagine pulling that breath down into your body through your crown chakra. Breathe as deeply as you can and draw your breath through all the energy centres of your body then down your legs and out through the souls of your feet. Repeat this process seven times (once for each chakra) and feel the energy coursing through your body. Now, open your eyes and rub your hands together. Imagine you are charging them up with psychic energy. Open your eyes wide and imagine your eyes are now ‘psychic’ eyes – able to see things you would not normally pick up.

You’re now ready to begin your reading. Take your Tarot cards and ‘swish’ them around. Pass your hands over them. You may feel a tingle in your fingers – almost as if a card is saying: ‘Pick me! Pick me!’. Turn the card over and try to see more than just the picture. What is it saying to you? Does the picture remind you of anything – an event in your life? A person?  If the card shows a person what emotions are they depicting?  Where are they? How does that place make you feel? Allow yourself to make up a story and if you see words, pictures or symbols that appear to be ‘hidden’ in the card don’t ignore these.

Jot everything you are picking up in your Tarot journal. Don’t be afraid of what you write as nobody is going to see this except you. Let’s say you picked the Queen of Pentacles. Now, you need to steer away from just a straight description of the card which shows a woman seated on a stone throne in a lush country setting contemplating a pentacle. To her right is a hare. What do these things remind you of? If this card showed an experience what kind of experience would it be? Say you had picked this card in answer to your question: ‘What’s coming up for me next week?’. You need to tune into what the Queen represents – sensuality, contentment, material security or who the Queen may remind you of – if you thought ‘This card reminds me of my beautician Kathy – she’s a sensual Taurus’ – now you’re on the right track!

Write  down what you think this card may forecast for you – again, don’t worry about the literal interpretation of the card – go with what you gut is telling you it means. Now you can refer back to it and see how accurate you’ve been. When you’re done, don’t forget to close down your psychic centre by standing straight up, raising your hands above your head and imagining pulling down a curtain of light over you from your head to your toes. Say: ‘I thank you for the insights I have received, my reading is now over.’

Practice this as often as you need to and you will find an amazing new psychic dimension opening up in your Tarot interpretations.

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