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Tarot cards can be daunting. Even when you learn a few key pointers and step away from relying on the guidebook, it can still be frustrating trying to piece everything together. From amateur to advanced reader, every Tarot enthusiast loves finding different ways to explore. As a professional reader, I would like to share with you different ways I managed to completely understand and engage with tarot.

Tarot cards are a form of art. Through visual expression we are able to respond to the imagery and colours in a way that feels right for us. When I first started learning tarot I studied round the clock at any given opportunity, memorising the roman numerals and key words. My advice would be to throw the guide books away – learning to feel and interpret the cards comes from being totally present in listening to what your inner voice and emotions are telling you. Here are some techniques I found very useful.

1) Forget everything you’ve read about learning the tarot. Forget what people have told you and just clear your mind of any information you have already gathered. Choose one tarot card and sit with it. Do not analyse it or start getting annoyed with yourself because you’re not getting the message or the whole point of it all. Like any piece of art, sometimes the message being conveyed does not reveal itself straight away. Set 20 minutes aside and just hold the card, even go away and come back ten minutes later for another look. Pay attention to what you feel this image is showing you – is there stress and anxiety or is there happiness and excitement? Are there any people in the image? If so, what type of personality would you say this person has based on what the image makes you feel? Write down what you find for reflection.

2) Tarot is divided into the Major and Minor Arcana. One way to be able to remember the difference when you’re bonding with your deck is to think of the Major as the ‘bigger picture’ and the Minor as the ‘small print details’. This will start to make sense once you are able to separate all the cards and understand the dividing suits. There are also what is known as ‘Court Cards’. These cards show men and women known as Kings, Queens, Knights, and Pages. The best thing to do here is take a card which has the image of a person and relate it to someone you know in your life. For example, The King of Pentacles could be associated with someone you know who is serious and a professional, whereas the King of Cups may be your light hearted and gentle elderly neighbour. Whatever the association is, learn to apply your own style on to the cards to give it a personal touch. If a court card is present in your spread, take the association you have made and see if it connects to a friend or family member.

3) Think out of the box. I once watched a BBC series about a Catholic Nun who was a historian and art critic. She was touring the National gallery and teaching viewers how to understand art and fully grasp what the artist was trying to bring to light in the painting. I decided to try this with tarot! It is true that images and beauty can teach us things. Sometimes it unveils truths in us that we would rather not have to confront! The point is, take a tarot card and pretend it was you who painted it. Ask yourself why you added certain colours, why you decided on specific details and what you want your viewers to take away from looking at your work. This is what I call the ‘swing and roundabout effect’. You are now moving from trying to understand the cards to now trying to get other people to understand. By doing this, you are putting your own meanings and intuitive interpretations on to the cards (this gets so exciting when you start to feel yourself reading intuitively without trying to intellectualize everything). Go beyond the images and stand behind them.  EXAMPLE! Take the Three of Swords and look at it. It is obvious you can see swords piercing a heart and this would make you think about heartbreak or betrayal. But what else? Could it also be someone who is a medical professional such as a nurse or surgeon?

4) Movie scene Tarot. This next technique I found to be the most effective. It is called the ‘movie scene tarot’. Choose five tarot cards and lay them out one after another. Observe the images and first of all decide what type of scenes you see. Do you see action and battle? Or is everything looking very joyful and full of celebration? Through your analysis, now decide which genre you see. Are all of the cards dark and revealing horror? Or are the cards bright and like a comedy? By reading the cards this way, you can bring the magic and mystery into practical reasoning. Also pay attention to the seasons. Do you see winter or summer? Tie everything together like a story and write down what you receive, turn it into a small reading of your own so you can evolve from here.

Remember that tarot is only a guide. A lot of people may get frustrated because they don’t understand how a psychic reader can give specific details such as family names and professions just by looking at cards. The truth is that tarot is a vehicle, showing us a glimpse of things but our true power and psychic ability comes from deep within us. It is in the pit of your stomach and it is within your very being. Completely immerse yourself in your journey with the tarot and don’t forget to have fun!

Love Alesso x

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