Quantum Tarot Technique: Be the Quantum Creator of your Own Destiny!

Quantum Tarot Technique:

Be the Quantum Creator of your Own Destiny!

Here’s a simple exercise which will expand your knowledge of the Tarot; and channel the accurate and visionary wisdom of the Tarot at the same time! The reason I love this technique so much is that it uses the principles of Quantum physics. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be Stephen Hawking to do this exercise. Anyone can get the benefit from it.

It operates on the Observer Effect – in that the mere act of observing a sub-atomic article changes its behaviour. So, observing the wisdom of the cards opens us up to new possibilities in a situation; but may also effect or change the outcome.

Are you ready to become the Quantum Creator (and mechanic!) of your own destiny?


If you have already read the article on AK about the Game of Sixes with the Tarot then you will be totally attuned to the principles behind this exercise; as instead of dealing out random cards and then interpreting them, you now choose the cards which represent your situation. The cards you pick are totally up to you as of course. While the traditional interpretations of cards applies, we all have our own interpretation which we apply to certain cards; and this can vary depending on the deck we are using.

So, with this in mind, I want you to lay out your Tarot deck face up. Pick out the four cards which best represent the situation you want an answer to. If this situation concerns another person, then pick a card which represents them as one of the four cards.

Take notes

Look at your four cards. Spend some time with them and in your Tarot journal write down anything and everything that comes through. Most importantly, write down the things that occur to you that had not previously come up; or even that you do not necessarily like. When this happens the cards can be alerting you to potential problems that you may not have foreseen; and this is where the act of observation changing the outcome begins to come in.

By starting to consider alternate outcomes – perhaps even the one you may not have wanted, or looking at hidden challenges or even benefits, you start to take control of the future. Spend some time on this stage and if the cards are revealing an issue, an alternative way of dealing with a situation or that outcome you didn’t want, once you have written down everything they are telling you it is time now to pick four more cards to represent your ideal outcome.


Take your time picking these four and place them on top of the first four cards. Now, tune into the messages of these cards once again. Let your intuition guide you when choosing them and don’t edit it even if it directs you to a card that may stir up deep emotions or even an adverse reaction initially as these cards can often be the ones that contain the solutions we are seeking.

Are they giving you information on what actions you need to take now? Often this can require thinking outside the box especially when we are setting new energy in motion which is what this spread will do. Again, take whatever you are being told on board – even if what you are in fact being told is to do nothing at this time – if say you have been drawn to the 2 of Swords card as an example. Again, write down everything these cards are telling you about what you now need to do (or not do!).

If you feel you need more information at this point – perhaps you want to ask specifically if there are outside influences impacting on the situation that you need to know about or just what you should understand to deal with a situation more effectively – for example, if you are asking about an upcoming job interview you might want to ask about your interviewer and what they might be looking for or what you need to do to come across effectively, you can choose another four cards and overlay these.

Final step

When you are satisfied you have all the information you need from this reading, no matter how many ‘layers’ you have built up (I don’t recommend that you go above four or five), there is one last step you can do and that is to take each pile of four cards and separate them out so that each small pile is now side by side. Look closely – do they tell a story with how you stacked them?

Think of this part as the future in motion and changing as you observe it. Very often the order we choose to put down these cards and the cards we choose to put on top of them are chosen by our subconscious which automatically sees the links between them. You may be amazed at this point that they are telling you a ‘story’ or are connected in a way you could not see earlier. Again, take the time to write down all your insights.

This exercise not only puts us in control of our own destiny but shows us we CAN trust our intuition – which automatically knows the outcome to any situation and through which we can obtain the answers we seek and the information we need to define our destiny.



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