Michele’s Ultimate Love Answer Tarot Spread!

You asked for it and what could I do but answer! There’s no doubt the Tarot is our most powerful tool when it comes not only to predicting when love will arrive, but the outcome of a romance and even provide us with insights into what may be holding us back when it comes to finding and keeping that special connection. Over the years I’ve developed several spreads for looking specifically at love but this simple five-card spread remains one of the most insightful and comprehensive whether you want to know when love will appear, what to do in a current romance or whether the person is actually right for you.

As usual, have your Tarot journal to hand and you might want to unplug and/or turn off your phone to ensure you won’t be disturbed. Take out the card from the deck that you would usually use as your Significator. Then shuffle the cards until you feel they are ready to give you the information you need. There is no need to phrase a specific question with this spread. Just keep an open mind because this spread links directly to your heart so trust in the process. You can cut the deck and put it back together again in any way that feels best for you.

Deal five cards. Here is what they mean.

Card 1: Your Love Past. This card shows you what past issues are affecting you in the present. This could be baggage (yours or another’s), unresolved childhood issues that are stopping love from appearing, past relationships influencing the present, or your current concern about your love life.

Card 2: Who or what is influencing you right now. This can be your lover, your career, a rival, a situation, your thoughts and attitudes or even someone who can help or is hindering you.

Card 3: Your Love Present. How the situation is right now plus the actions you can take right now to move the situation forward. This card holds the key to the future of an existing relationship and shows you what you need to do next especially if you are looking to attract love into your life. If you have split up from your lover and want a reconciliation is will indicate what steps you may be able to take but pay attention if the card is telling you to do nothing. Heed the advice you are given.

Card 4: Inner Wisdom. This card will reveal alternatives. New ways of dealing with the situation, resources you may not realise you have available to you, additional courses of action and even reveal to you what the other person is thinking and feeling. It can indicate practical steps to take when making your next move.

Card 5: Your Love Destination. Based on what is going on now, this card indicates the potential outcome of your current relationship, possible solutions to problems, alternative courses of action and even the person you will fall in love with next as well as offer clues as to where and when you may meet them.

This spread links into our subconscious and can show us where we may be holding ourselves back from receiving the love we deserve. Don’t forget to record your interpretations in your Tarot journal and follow the guidance the cards have for you.


I believe love is both the birthright and destiny of everyone. Hopefully this spread will have provided you with the insight you need to make love a reality in your life.

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