Transforming problems with the Major Arcana – part one

Transforming problems with the Major Arcana – part one

Tarot cards can be used for divination. However, they have a great many more uses; that in my book, make them a must have in any transformation tool kit.

For example, understanding each of the archetypal energies that are captured within the 22 Major Arcana can show us the way forward through any situation we are dealing with.

From a Quantum Creating perspective, each of the 22 Major Arcana cards represents a particular vibration. So, consulting them can shine a light on how you  can transform yourself to help you manifest your desires.

Firstly, pull out all of the 22 Major Arcana cards from any Tarot deck and shuffle them. Focus on whatever is going on for you or whatever it is you want to manifest. Ask the question:

‘What do I most need to bring to transform myself, this situation and manifest what I truly want?’.

So, when you feel ready, spread the cards face down. Pick one and turn it over to receive its powerful message.

Write it down in your journal. Muse and meditate on it and use all of the other resources on this site; as you’ll find a wealth of information on everything; from how to transform your beliefs, to crystals you can use. Or rituals that will help you build up your psychic energy. And even how to generate new ideas that aren’t based around old limitations in thinking.

In this two part series, you’ll find out what each of the Major Arcana reveal in terms of what energies you can bring to any challenge you face. Part two will be published a week from today, so grab a Tarot deck and your journal, and off you go!

The Fool

The Fool is all about taking a leap of faith, trusting that we are being taken care of and that whatever happens is for our highest good.  Are you letting your fears hold you back?  What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail?  And what can you do to give you that sense of lightness, joy, freedom and complete faith that powers The Fool along his journey?

The Magician

The Magician has the power to manifest anything.  How powerful or powerless do you feel right now?  Where might you be giving your power away? How can you reclaim your power in this situation?  What would you need to believe to be able to resolve this situation or attract what you want?

The High Priestess

The High Priestess is about intuition, wisdom and knowledge.  Are you paying attention to what your intuition is telling you?  Have you cut yourself off from it, or are you ignoring it for some reason?  How can you enhance your ability to listen to and act on that deep, inner knowing?

The Empress

The Empress is the archetypal mother who gives birth to everything. What can you do to unleash your creativity? What new ideas, thoughts or solutions can you tap into your creativity to generate?  How can you nurture your ideas and make sure they grow in strength from inception to delivery?

The Emperor

The Emperor is a strong, masculine figure with powerful authority. Do you need to step out and take the lead in sorting this out?  Are you in touch with your own inner authority?  How can you balance authority with compassion in this situation?

The Hierophant

The Hierophant represents social structures and rules and particularly the kinds of beliefs that they are built on.  To what degree do you need to go along with others. And where might you need to step away from the herd?

Are you being restricted by commonly held beliefs? Ones that shape how you see the problem and its possible solutions? How might this situation be seen from a totally different belief system?

The Lovers

The Lovers stands for love – but it also represents choice and opposites being brought together in divine unity.  Is your heart open or closed?  What can you do to bring unconditional love to this situation?   Are you hesitating around having to make a choice? If so, what can you do to help yourself feel clear about which path to take?  Is the situation caused by a separating out of elements, and if so, how might they be brought together?

The Chariot

The Chariot is about fast movement; and using your will to pull together forces that otherwise might gallop off in different directions.  Is everything happening too quickly  for your liking?  How might you integrate the opposing forces, rather than trying to hold them together with your will?  Is this something that you can simply rise above? If you could, what might you see if you were able to look down on it from a great height?


Strength is about bringing together yin and yang, masculine and feminine
energies.  The key here is to bring them into balance within you to effect transformation in the outer world.  Where are you feeling out of balance around
this situation?  How might you nurture yourself to restore inner harmony and balance?

The Hermit

The path of the Hermit is all about developing your own inner wisdom.  Can you take some time out to contemplate what is going on?  Do you have the endurance to maintain your energy on this long climb to the top?  As the Hermit also represents Diogenes, an ancient Greek philosopher in some decks, it might be worth looking for someone older and wiser who’s dealt with whatever you are dealing with before and asking their advice!

The Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel of Fortune represents a turn of fate – usually for the better!  What
outside forces can you harness to bring about a positive change in this situation?  Are you vibrating at a frequency to attract the kind of ‘lucky break’ you need?  Might the solution involve a calculated risk of some kind?  Is it a matter of being patient as events turn all by themselves?  Are you waiting for luck to bail you out rather than taking action for yourself?


Justice represents justice of all kinds – including karmic justice. Are you weighing things up carefully?  Are you being fair, or dealing with unfairness?  Can you trust that divine justice is playing out? Even when things aren’t going the way you might like them to on the surface?


Find out what the rest of the Major Arcana reveal in part two


Loads of love,

Michele x

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