Love in the Cards! Your Five Card Relationship Spread

Whether we are reading the Tarot cards for someone else or for ourselves, one of the most frequently questions we ask has to be about relationships. When will love appear and when it does – will it last? There’s no need to resort to complicated spreads to access deep intuitive wisdom and a wealth of information about a relationship. This simple five card spread can provide you with all the answers you seek.

As usual with any spiritual practice, turn off your phone and make sure you’re not going to be disturbed. You can light a candle to set the mood if you want and have your Tarot journal to hand so you can write down your insights and refer to them later. As with asking any question of the Tarot, please be open to what the cards have to tell you. If you go in with preconceptions or have an attachment to getting a certain answer you are likely to either end up with a muddled reading or else miss important information intended to help you on your soul journey.

1: Shuffle your cards as usual. If you have been working with your deck for a while you will intuitively know when your cards are ready to ‘answer’ you. If you are a new student of the Tarot, continue shuffling until either the cards feel hot and heavy in your hands or you feel instinctively that you have your answer. If a card falls out during the shuffling process, take note of the card, return it to the deck and continue shuffling. If the card appears in the spread then you must pay extra attention to it.

2: Once you have finished shuffling set down your deck and cut it into three piles with your left hand. Choose one pile and from this lay out five cards. There is no special pattern to lay out the cards in. You can lay them out in a straight line.

Here is what the cards mean:

Card Number 1: You and what you are bringing to the relationship. This card provides you with information as to how the other person sees you and what you have to give. This card can also indicate what soul lesson you have to teach the other person.

Card Number 2: The other person and what they are bringing to the relationship. What they have to give you – this includes the soul lessons they have to teach you as well as their ability to offer love and support.

Card Number 3: Your emotional future with this person. An important card! This card indicates whether or not you will be happy with this person and can also flag up any challenges you may face.

Card Number 4: Their emotional future with you. This card shows your potential to make your partner happy and what they are seeking from the relationship. Spend some time with this card as the card in this position can also give you valuable insight into whether they are carrying any baggage from a previous relationship or not. If a court card falls in this position pay extra attention as this could indicate an ex!

Card Number 5: The all-important potential card. The card in this position shows the potential for the relationship. Many readers see this card as the outcome card but I prefer to think of it as the soul lesson the two of you have come together to work through. Remember – Tarot is all about knowledge and that knowledge gives us power to influence outcomes. If a ‘negative’ card falls here this may not necessarily mean the relationship is doomed to end badly. It can merely show you that there may be challenges to overcome and by knowing this in advance you can choose to deal with them in a more empowered way if they do crop up – thus bringing about a better outcome.

Remember – when we approach any relationship with an open heart as an opportunity for soul learning and growth we are guaranteed a positive outcome – whether that connection lasts a lifetime or just gives us a special time of our lives.

6 thoughts on “Love in the Cards! Your Five Card Relationship Spread

  1. I did this spread to see if I should hold on and wait for a certain someone or let him go and I received
    1-the page of cups
    2-the sun
    3-reversed ten of coins
    4-reversed two of swords
    5-king of swords

  2. Hai michele,

    I got king of hearts, 10 of hearts, 2 of diamonds, 4 of diamonds and queen of clubs for relationship spread. What this means?

  3. Hi Michele,

    For my reading I got:
    1. 8 of Cups
    2. 4 of swords
    3. page of swords
    4. queen of swords
    5. the hermit

    My question is, I am still talking to my ex, in fact it is a complicated relationship, but I feel very platonic towards him, while he is still in fact very much in love with me. I’m taking this as a sign we are either going to break up or stay together….but, I’m not sure, I would love for you to interpret what it means for me? I don’t see it working out. In fact, the only reason I still talk to him is because he is supporting me financially, I know that sounds shallow, but I’ve told him many times I want nothing to do with a relationship with him and that I wasn’t in love with him although I did love him as a friend. He still tries to be my significant other regardless, so I let him to a point, but I also deal with all of his emotional problems and neediness while knowing I do not want to be with him. I also have a very strong love for him, he is like my best friend, but I doubt we could ever go back to being best friends, if anything we could be friends, but not for awhile. Anyways, I know I overshared, I’m not looking for a super in depth answer, some guidance would be nice though…

    Thanks xx

  4. Dear Michele!
    I did this relationship spread and the following was the result: of wands 2. tower 3. five of wands 4.sun 5. lovers. I did the spread for my boyfriend since 3 years, he cheated me and I catched him and broke up with him. I am hesitating if I should forgive him or not. I would be very gratefu for your advice! Thank you very much in advance. Naty

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