Law of Attraction: Your Power

When you think about yourself, how powerful do you think you are?

How does the law of attraction influence how you see yourself each moment?

Are you aware that just by being you, who you are, you create an incredible impact on everything and everyone you interact with?

That other people also effect you and you can choose HOW they effect you?

Every person you meet is like an unwrapped present, they will reveal something and it will brush past you.
Some peoples actions or energy may appear to touch you more than others, but even the small stuff we have no clue about leaps from one person to the next.

With one reaction from you , you have inadvertently created a chain reaction of events. This is how powerful you are.

The law of attraction dictates that even if you do nothing at all you can leap into someone’s energy; someone can see you walking down the street and you mirror something to them. It may be confidence, it may be sadness but seeing you can trigger something within them that could lead to a major transformation and you know nothing about it.

No matter how weak you feel you are, the truth is how massive your power not your powerlessness is. Once you understand your power, you have the key to tapping into it and creating ripples and waves that go your way.

You surf the psychic energy of the whole to lead you and in some ways, us all, in a direction.

We are not separate from each other but particles of energy which collide and effect each piece of solid matter that they hit. Your energy infects every one you walk past in one way or another.

The law of attraction will bring different parts of the whole to you, different people and different experiences.

When you become aware of what energy you put out you will attract, through the law of attraction and the natural law of the Universe a whole host of miracles.

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