Hone Your Tarot and Astro Skills with Your Favourite Characters!

Hone Your Tarot and Astro Skills with Your Favourite Characters!

When we are learning to expand our reading skills one of the speed-bumps we can hit no matter whether we are learning to read the Tarot or improve our astrology, is finding people to practice on. Sooner or later we run out of friends or family members. Luckily for us, we have a vast resource of ‘people’ we can continue to refine our reading skills on accessible to us via our favourite books, films or TV shows!

The great thing about successful film, book or TV franchises is that the characters they are based around come across as totally real. And just like the people we interact with and know on a daily basis, they are embarking on journeys of soul growth. They meet setbacks and successes as their stories unfold and just like us, have to overcome limitations – sometimes their own and sometimes those imposed by other people and circumstances. When a compelling character lives out an archetypal journey we can relate their story back to our own lives – and see parallels between their stories and others we know. Joseph Campbell talks about this in his seminal work Hero With a 1000 Faces.

Archetypal stories are universal – as are the characters which populate them which of course accounts for their success. So, we can utilise this in our readings especially if we have run out of actual physical people to practice on!

Choose your story

First – choose a book, film or TV franchise that you feel a great affinity with – one that you enjoy reading or watching. This can be anything from Harry Potter to The Hunger Games, from Star Trek to C.S.I. The choice is yours. If it’s an on-going series so much the better as you can start to make predictions for the characters and then see how accurate you are as the series unfolds. To start with however, choose one protagonist and one antagonist from any book, movie or TV show. Let’s say for example you have chosen Game of Thrones.

I’ve used this not just because of its popularity but because George R. R. Martin has yet to finish writing the books – so we have no idea with many of the characters what their ultimate fate will be. Let’s say the two characters you pick from Game of Thrones are Tyrion Lannister and Petyr Baelish. First take your Tarot deck and choose a significator for each character. Why have you chosen that particular card? How does it reflect the personality of the character? What is it about the card’s energy that reminds you of them? Spend some time looking at the card and write down your impressions in your Tarot journal.

Character attributes

Yuu can go one step further. Based on what you know about the character and the card you have chosen to represent them, what do you think their star sign would be? Write down what you think it is and how this aligns with their character and their actions. How do they exhibit the characteristics of the sign and where or when do they show other traits? Look at these and then decide if you can attribute these to another zodiac sign – this could possibly be their Moon or rising sign if they were an actual person. Again, jot all your impressions  down.

If you are working with an on-going franchise like Game of Thrones, based on the information you have already picked up you can then go on to do an actual reading. What lies in the future for this character based on what you know about them and what has happened so far? Have fun trying to second-guess the creator and let your imagination run riot. The great thing about this exercise is that is can really free up your intuition and creativity if you are blocked.

You can practice in this way with characters from any story you love. Even if you were to do this exercise on a familiar one whose ending and characters you know off by heart – say Pride & Prejudice for example, working out the significator and star sign of Lizzie, Darcy and even Wickham can open up an entire new level of enjoyment and understanding of the story and its characters – and hone your psychic skills as you do!

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