Difficult Decision? Get Clarity with the Tarot!

Chances are if you are faced with a difficult decision or have an important choice to make that you already know the answer or what to do – even before you have made a list of pros and cons. Sometimes of course the pros and cons turn out to be the same number or like many of us, you are finding it hard to access your intuition or guidance from your higher self because of the overwhelming ‘busyness’ of life or the opinions of others have caused you to doubt your own decision-making process.

It’s times like these the Tarot really comes into its own – offering us an intuitive approach to looking at our problems and connecting us back to our subconscious which can in turn unlock alternatives we may be unaware of.

This simple spread uses six cards and can guide us towards making the right decision as well as seeing the ‘bigger picture’ – elements we may not be aware of and untapped potential within the situation. So, if you are faced with a difficult decision, turn off or disconnect your phone, have your Tarot journal to hand and take out your cards and shuffle asking that you be shown the best way to proceed. After you feel you’ve shuffled your cards enough, then cut them in the way that feels most comfortable for you and deal six cards.

Card 1: This card is the significator and represents you and how you are feeling faced with your decision. Take note of what it depicts. Is it a major or minor card? Is it a court card? What emotions are coming up as you look at it? Does it show someone moving towards their goal? Or are they stuck or going down the wrong path? What is happening in this card will provide you with real information as to what decision you should make.

Card 2: The Present. Tells you not only where you are right now but also your goals and vision for the future. What you are expecting to happen – or, are you being shown something unexpected?

Card 3: The Past. Who or what from your past that is affecting your decision and what you need to come to terms with, leave behind or process before you move forward. This is an important card and can even reveal patterns from the past that may be holding you back or keeping you stuck in your present dilemma.

Card 4: The Future. What is going to happen once your decision is made.

Card 5: Why you are really asking the question. This is what makes this spread unique as this card reveals your subconscious motivations – what you REALLY want as an outcome. Of all the card, take your time to really tune in and absorb the message of the card in this position especially if you feel a resistance to it or if it appears to be out-of-context with the reading. The more resistance you feel – the more important its message is for you so spend some time with this card.

Card 6: The potential within the situation. What you may not be able to see – benefits or even risks involved. This card brings clarity by opening up possibilities or showing you if you are heading down the wrong path for you.

This spread really can assist us when we have a difficult decision to make by allowing us to gain clarity and also see what else may be influencing our decision. It reconnects us to our intuition as we write down our interpretations of the cards and opens up outcomes we may not have considered or thought possible.


If you are still unsure you can always have a session with one of our readers who will be happy to guide you through the process and perhaps shed even more light on your interpretation of the cards but many of you will find this spread helps you make the decision that ultimately results in the best outcome for all concerned in the long term – even if it’s a tough one to make in the short term. Have courage and know your intuition and the Tarot are powerful tools to guide you.

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