Be Your Own Tarot Reader: Your Daily Card

How to read tarot

What I personally love about the Tarot is the amount of information each card contains. This is true for the Minor as well as the Major arcana and Court cards. When we’re starting on our own personal Tarot journey the fact that there is so much information just waiting to be accessed can be either daunting or off-putting – or both! We can get hung-up about what we may be missing and in doing so miss the point entirely: the Tarot will ‘speak’ to us in a way that is personal to us and our soul path. The key to the Tarot is like any other skill we want to acquire – practice, practice, practice! And there’s no better way to start to tune-in to the wisdom each and every card holds than to do this by choosing one card a day.

Whether we’re seeking insight into a particular situation or just wanting to improve our reading skills, no matter which card we pick – we need to know it will deliver an answer on some level because of the many messages it contains. So, to start accessing this, get into the practice of picking your card for the day. If you are always rushed in the morning, then I recommend you do this exercise the night before.

As always, make sure you will not be interrupted. Have your Tarot journal ready because you are going to need it. Take out your cards and shuffle them. With the Daily Card practice I have always found it most effective when I don’t ask it to answer a specific question such as ‘Will I hear from so-and-so tomorrow?’ or ‘How will my presentation be received?’ It always seems to work best if you phrase your question in an open manner such as ‘What can I expect tomorrow to bring me?’ or ‘What do I need to know on a soul level about tomorrow’s events?’ This way you don’t limit the amount of information that the universe wants to send you and you remain very open in your interpretation of the card. Of course, by phrasing your question in this way you also open up the possibility of receiving an answer to a pressing question – but you are also likely to get so much more besides that!

Shuffle your cards until you feel they are ‘ready’ and then cut them any way you please. You can either cut them into three piles and take a card off one of the top piles or else fan them out and run your hand above them until you feel a ‘pull’ from a particular card. Turn your card over.

First, run through the traditional interpretations of this card. Write down in your journal based on these what you may expect to experience tomorrow. For example, we all know that the suit of Cups refers to our emotional lives and Pentacles money. How is this card relevant to what is going on in your life or any concerns you have? When you have finished writing down your answers now move on to the less obvious areas where the card may be trying to tell you something. Or example, if you have picked a Swords card, what is the card trying to tell you about say your friends, your finances or your love life? Write down a list of everything you can think of – from the most important such as your family, your health, your pets, your finances, your children, your home to the less impactful but relevant – your daily commute, your co-workers, news, what you hear in the media and personal news, your spiritual development – any category you can think of in fact. Now, take each category in turn – what does the card you have chosen say about it? Write down your answers and please don’t edit them. You may think them far-fetched or not relevant to the card but this is your intuition at work and to let it work properly means letting it have its freedom to make amazing connections.

When the next day is over, return to what you wrote the previous evening (or in the morning if you are up with the lark!). You may be surprised at how many areas your card gave you with real insight. As you continue to do this exercise you will not only discover that your ability to interpret the messages contained within each card increases but that your Tarot reading skills for both yourself and others does too!

The Tarot really can provide Daily Wisdom through just one card – a spiritual fitness regimen we can all practice!

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