Step 2 to Tarot Superstardom

Hello there Tarot Superstars! This week we’re going to be looking at yet another way to cosmically charge-up those Tarot reading skills and send your intuition skyward! If you’ve already been practising Step 1 then you should already be able to associate new meanings to familiar cards. If you haven’t yet tried Step 1 – don’t worry! You can do these exercises in any order that you like but please – to get the best out of the process and really accelerate your knowledge of the cards and your intuition, do complete all five exercises. They are all really simple and what’s more – designed to be fun!

Ready to take the next step in your journey to Tarot Superstardom? Grab your tarot journal and your favourite deck and let’s begin!

Step 2: Take a Selfie

 Put that phone away because this is not that kind of selfie! This exercise is all about doing a one-card Tarot card a day self-reading for a week.

Shuffle your Tarot cards in the usual way. If a card does fall out while you are doing this, take this to be your card for the day.

The key to this exercise is to see just how much information you can get from one Tarot card. And also to make this part of your daily routine for a week – like a meditation if you like. Who knows you may continue with it but for now, commit to those seven days. Pick a quiet time to draw your card and jot it down in your Tarot journal or take a photo of it and write notes on your phone. Now, here’s the really great thing about your daily selfie reading – you don’t have to sit there and concentrate on the Tarot card right there and then. If you are busy, have to get to work, take the kids to school or whatever, all you need do is take your Tarot journal with you and keep on thinking about your card. As possible meanings come to you, write then down as you go about your day. Perhaps something happens or you encounter someone who represents the person or a situation in the card and now you can begin to make real connections between how your day is unfolding and what that card had to tell you.

Please however resist the temptation when you are shuffling your Tarot deck to ask a specific question about what is going to happen during your day such as ‘Will I hear from so-and-so’ or ‘Will I get that job?’. That’s not the object of this exercise which is to extract every possible message one card has for you. It may well be your card for the day does answer a question you may have about something specific, but allow this information to come through – or not. Bear in mind that sometimes the universe does not want us to know something up front because the experience or the journey is something we need to do and if we knew the result ahead of time then this may affect how we act.

If you cannot resist asking a question, try to phrase it in general and also empowering terms such as ‘As I go through my day today, how can I best channel my energy to achieve the results I am after?’ – as opposed to ‘Will I wow the client with my presentation today?’ or ‘How will my date with so-and-so go?’.

At the end of the day, take a few moments to look back at all the people and situations you encountered and how the energy of the card reflected these.  Look at the traditional interpretations of your card – how many of these applied to your day? Now, based on what occurred, what new interpretations can you add to those? Write all of these down in your journal.

At the end of seven days you will have really experienced the dynamic action of the Tarot in your life and you can use all of this in your future readings. And if this has now become a habit for you, please continue to incorporate this one card ‘snapshot’ into your daily routine. You’ll be constantly gathering information you can use in readings for yourself and others as you do so and bringing a fabulous new depth to them which just opens up a new dimension of wisdom. That’s what makes a Tarot Superstar!


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