5 Steps to Tarot Superstardom! Step 1:

Your 1st Step To Tarot Superstardom!

Who doesn’t want to expand their Tarot skills and reach Tarot superstardom? Whether you are just starting out with learning the Tarot or have been studying it for some time, over the next few weeks I am going to give you five easy lessons to sky rocket your readings to Tarot Superstar level! You don’t have to do these in any particular order but you do need to complete all five. Ready to take the next step in your Tarot readings and add incredible depth and intuitive insight to the cards? Then let’s begin!

Step 1: Tell a Story

 This step is designed to open up your intuition and get you making connections between the cards and turning this into a narrative. This allows you to see any situation – either your own or a client’s, as a journey so you can begin to predict how events will resolve themselves.

As always, have your Tarot journal handy to record your impressions.

Shuffle your deck. When you are ready, cut the deck in your usual way and put it back together again. Lay down face up at least three cards – you can use any number of cards but when starting this exercise I suggest you use no more than seven to begin with. Study the cards and then arrange them in any order that you like so they appear to ‘tell’ a story according to the images which has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Let go for the time being of ‘traditional’ interpretations of the cards. Think of them as illustrations in a children’s book or a graphic novel depicting a certain situation a character is going through. Allow your imagination free rein here and don’t whatever you do, edit that. When you are satisfied you have arranged the cards in the right order and got a feeling for your ‘story’ then write it down. Who is this person? What is their situation right now? What led to this? What can they do to resolve the situation and how based on this, will things turn out? Are there other people involved here? What is the time frame? Write down anything and everything that occurs to you based on not just the message of each card but how it relates to the others you have picked.

Let your imagination run free

This can be a fun exercise as it allows your imagination free rein and links in your creativity and your psychic skills. And we always learn best when we are having fun!

If you have children, why not ask them to have a go? The thing about children is they are incredibly intuitive and usually have not yet been told to edit their feelings. So, you may find that your children make incredible connections between the cards that sometimes elude us adults!

You can practice this exercise as often as you like and add more cards or as you become more proficient at it, see how you can relate the cards you have picked to a specific situation that either you or someone else are facing and you may be amazed at how your superpowers are growing when it comes to the insights you can access.

Have fun with this exercise and get ready for the next step to send those Tarot skills heading skywards!



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