21st century psychic series – The High Priestess

21st century psychic series 

The High Priestess: You are the mystic you have been looking for

I believe that we are all born with intuition. Many of the articles I post here bring you the latest scientific studies that show we all have it, and it works when we use it. I also talk a lot about how to develop it. In a Tarot reading, The High Priestess shows up to tell you to look within. She tells you that you already have the answers you’re looking for. She’s encouraging you to pay attention to your psychic hunches and trust what you sense beyond the way things look on the surface.

Make space for your psychic intuition to come through. Ask the questions you want answered and be still. Still the chatter of your mind and listen for that quiet voice of wisdom that speaks from your higher self. Pay attention to that sudden desire to call someone. Follow that urge to take a different path or head for a new destination. Put aside what you’re pushing for in the moment. The universe might have something better in store and be looking for a space to send it your way. Embrace the mystery and know that magic is all around. Let go of trying to make sense of everything with your rational mind. Be open to receiving the wonder and abundance that surrounds you.

This is true 21st Century psychic territory, where the world becomes our oracle and we are the mystics we are looking for. In my own life, I can look back on times when I’ve overruled my intuition and wished I’d listened. There have also been many others when I’ve acted on something I couldn’t explain, only to find a miracle waiting for me at the other end. We are all on a journey to connecting with our true source of power. That power lies within. Inspire someone else by posting your story below of what happened when you allowed your intuition to guide you. Magic and miracles await!

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