What sort of questions can you ask a psychic reader?

Before you have a telephone psychic reading, it’s worth knowing the kind of questions a telephone psychic reader can deal with.

A good psychic reader should be able to give you insight into whatever is going on, help you get clear and also allow you to connect with your own power.

You can just ask for a general reading, when the psychic will tune in and pick up on the important and specific things that are going on in your life.  But you can also ask questions.

So what can you talk to a telephone psychic reader about?  I believe that a good psychic reading should end with you feeling a lot clearer about what you want to do next.

Usually, people have a phone psychic reading because they want to know if they are going to meet someone, or if someone they’ve met is ‘the one’, or if an ex will come back. What direction their soul journey is taking next.

People also have telephone psychic readings when they want to change their overall life direction, start developing their own intuitive skills or can’t see a way through handling one particular problem at work or home.

You should expect a psychic reader to be able to tune in and tell you things early on into the reading that let you know they are linked in to you and your situation.

They may offer you insights, information and perspectives that can help you transform your situation. Always filter what you hear through your own intuition.  Does it feel and sound right to you?

Never give your power away by allowing someone else to tell you what to do.  An ethical psychic reader wouldn’t even want to.

Along with all of this, avoid the temptation to have one psychic reading after another, especially when you’re asking the same question.

Most important of all, it’s what you do that will make the difference in your life, so don’t wait for fate or go into limbo, a good psychic reader should encourage you to take charge of your destiny!



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Rather than asking a psychic reader about anything to do with your health, finance and legal questions, I always urge people to go and talk to appropriately qualified professionals. 

If you’re worried about your health or someone else’s, talk to your doctor or call NHS Direct.  Go along to your Citizens Advice to talk about finance, debt and see if you can get any free legal advice.  The support you really need is usually out there for free.

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