What should you look for in a psychic reader?

I use the phrase ‘exceptional psychic reader’ a lot, but what does it actually mean – and what should you look for when you are choosing a psychic reader?
It goes without saying that a psychic reader should be psychic, and this is one of the things we test for – but it’s just one aspect of being an outstanding psychic reader.

People have psychic readings for all sorts of reasons.  They can be curious about what it’s like to actually speak with a psychic.  They might just want to know what’s around the corner. A good reader can give an impressive demonstration of psychic ability.  But an exceptional psychic reader has the ability to work with someone to delve deep far beyond the surface of what has happened and what is likely to happen to reveal how each experience could bring us to a point of realising our power for transformation.

We can begin to think about many of the things that happen to us in our daily lives in the much larger context of our spiritual evolution.  Added to that is a far more complex understanding that we are not passive recipients of a fate set in stone.  Rather, we are active creators of our destiny.
Seen in this context, questions about relationships or abundance for example become active explorations of what patterns we might be playing out – sometimes across lifetimes – that we can delve into and change.

Handling questions with such a degree of depth takes a high degree of emotional intelligence and is often coupled with a lengthy study of a spiritual practice of some kind.

So when you are choosing a psychic reader, look for an exceptional one.  That is, a reader who demonstrates strong psychic skills, but also someone who couples this with a spiritual understanding who can help you reach your own point of power within your life.

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