What kind of psychic reader is best for you?

There are loads of different kinds of psychic readers – so where do you start in finding one that suits you?

To begin with, when you have any kind of psychic reading, the psychic reader is likely to use one or more psychic abilities or skills.

Along with that, they may use one or more divination tools.  The kind of psychic skills they use and the divination tools they reach for result in the kind of psychic reading they give!

There is a big difference between a psychic ability or skill and a divination tool.  Many people think that they are all sort of somehow mixed up together, but this isn’t the case at all.

A person can be hugely psychic and use no tools whatsoever when they give a psychic reading, and it’s also possible for someone to use one or more divination tools without using psychic ability.

If a person is using a divination tool but not using any psychic ability, I would say that it’s perfectly possible for them to give a brilliant consultation but it wouldn’t constitute a psychic reading in my book.

Psychic abilities include clairsentience (‘knowing’ things) or clairvoyance (‘seeing’ things). Remote viewing is also a psychic skill that takes psychic ability.   I would also put mediumship – the ability to connect with those who have crossed over – into the category of psychic ability or psychic skills.

A divination tool is something tangible that a person uses to tap into the collective or the web of psychic energy that connects us.

Divination tools can be used to delve into what is going on beyond the surface of a situation or to gain insight into a person, particularly a person having a reading, and to explore what is likely to unfold.

Tools include things like Tarot cards, runes, ribbons (as my reader Lynn uses!), tea leaves or coffee grounds and astrological charts.

You can use divination tools without being in the least bit psychic.  One of my friends adores the Tarot and knows the Rider Waite Tarot deck inside out.

Even though she’s intuitive, she defiantly wouldn’t class herself as having any kind of psychic ability and openly admits that she would absolutely flounder at the kind of tests my psychic readers have to go through.

If you know how to read an astrological chart, you can go into an astonishing level of detail without using any kind of psychic intuition.  So you can see that it’s possible to use a divination tool even though you aren’t psychic.

It’s also true to say that you can give an astonishing psychic reading using absolutely no divination tools at all!  A few of my psychic readers just tune in and get on with it.

Many of them use psychic skills in combination with divination tools, however.  For example, they might be a clairvoyant medium who uses Tarot and also takes a quick look at someone’s astrological chart before putting it all together in their heads and delivering what they have picked up to the person having the psychic reading.

I really love the layers of symbolism in Tarot cards.  Even though I have collected dozens of different Tarot decks over the years, the Rider Waite Tarot deck is my absolute tried and trusted go-to deck that I reach for.  Along with that, I also love astrology.

Where possible, I consult the astrological chart of anyone I work with, for example as I feel it gives me a huge amount of insight into them and also how we are likely to work together.  When I consult an astrological chart, however, I am also using my intution and psychic ability.  That’s why I describe myself as being an intuitive astrologer, rather than purely an astrologer.

So where do you start if you are thinking of having a psychic reading?  People usually have their own preferences about whether a psychic reader uses astrology or Tarot or nothing at all.

Psychic readers usually develop a really strong link with one particular tool.  So it’s all about finding a psychic reader you trust and if it’s really important that they use a particular kind of divination tool, checking to see which ones they use.

Most importantly of all, it also matters what kind of reading you want to have – so keep a look out as I’ll talk about that in another article.

loads of love,

Michele x

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