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How to make the best of a psychic email reading


Hi there, I’m David – one of Michele’s psychic team. I have worked for this company since 2010, and I absolutely love to give psychic email readings.

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I have found that the key to a really valuable psychic email reading is asking FABULOUS, HIGH-VIBE QUESTIONS. Preparing for an email reading gives you the time to get into a calm and powerful place within yourself. Asking questions from this place will mean that you get answers that will serve you for a long time to come! So here is some guidance to asking questions that truly empower you!

Making sure your answer is both accurate AND targeted.

A good psychic does not need to be fed information – but if your dilemma is really complex, don’t be afraid to lay it out in the question. Psychics are able to describe in great detail what is going on without being prompted – but then this can leave us with a limited amount of time or words to give some kind of real guidance.

If you are too vague in your question, the response could give you an answer but then raise a whole bunch of other questions – leaving you without closure. Let me show you what I mean….

NOT-SO-GREAT PSYCHIC EMAIL QUESTION: Tell me about my love life.

The psychic could go anywhere in the past, present or future. Or talk about several love interests and how that has affected you. It could be very accurate but not targeted.

BETTER QUESTION: I would like to ask about a current romantic situation with an individual.

The question gives nothing away but is also specific to your needs.

Asking about how you are seen by others or what others will choose.

I call these ‘weather’ questions because they are about how we are affected by things outside of us that we cannot control. Of course these questions can have a place in an email reading – because it does make a difference to our lives what other people do. But a really empowering reading won’t just forecast the rain, it will help you the choose the very best umbrella!

It’s always better to factor in YOUR mindset and YOUR choices into your questions, because those are the only things you can influence. All we are ever looking for in life is a good feeling  – and fortunately we can influence that from within! We don’t have to wait for the weather to change.

It’s better to ask how to feel good, rather than how to act to get the ‘right response’ from someone. Because if you’re not living your truth, you can’t really have the relationships you want with others.

NOT-SO-GREAT PSYCHIC EMAIL QUESTIONS: What does my boss think of me and what will she say in my work appraisal next week?

BETTER PSYCHIC EMAIL QUESTIONS:  How can I have more self-belief about my work performance? What could be the most authentic way I can express myself, so that I get my needs met? What blocks or fears are preventing me from expressing myself?

TOP TIP: Always ask about what you CAN influence. You can influence that work meeting by knowing your strengths and valuing yourself. But there is no value in a psychic saying: your boss will give you a hard time. 

Asking closed questions

These are questions with a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer.

Yes/no answers are potentially triggering or upsetting, and can make you feel that you don’t have a part to play in your own happiness. A good psychic will give you some context about why you might not get what you want in the immediate future, and also pick out the genuine positives in a difficult situation. This is not sugar-coating, this is the infinite intelligence of Spirit who can always guide you back to wellbeing.

A lot of clients come to me for my non-nonsense approach. But please check in with yourself about whether you feel resilient enough to hear a ‘no’. You might feel that your whole wellbeing rests upon the answer to this closed questions (SPOILER ALERT: It doesn’t!) But if you are feeling rattled or a bit vulnerable, then it might not be the best time to ask a closed question.

TOP TIP #1: Create your own reality. This might surprise you, but Spirit are not that interested in telling the client what they can or cannot have. Instead they want to give you insights about how to get the most out of your situation, how you can influence outcomes and how you can simply feel better about everything. If getting a ‘no’ is going to disappoint you or mess with your vibe, then take a different approach to the question. Ask a question that is going to help you clarify your request to the Universe.

TOP TIP #2: Don’t ask extreme or polarised questions. This is a common mindset for so many of us. Often I get asked things like….does my lover just want casual fun or does he want to marry me? Or….will my next job be a total career dream or will be total drudgery?  Maybe your love affair starts as fun and them evolves into commitment, even if you don’t plan it that way? Maybe your future job is fulfilling and also very practical?

NOT-SO-GREAT QUESTION: Will I get this job?

BETTER QUESTIONS: What is going on in my energy and How can I change it so that I can attract this job or something even better?  What strategies can I use to find the very best job for me?

Asking about calendar time frames.

Lets be honest, time is how we make sense of life. Night and day. Monday to Friday. The four seasons. These routines and rhythms give our lives meaning and structure. But when people ask me for calendar time frames, they are often asking about the mindset and intentions of other people. Whereas when we set goals, we are influencing time frames ourselves. 

Time frame questions are usually about something which is interchangeable and therefore hard to predict. So for example – ‘when will my lover reach out to me?’ This is based on the mindset of your lover and the clarity of their intention. It is their emotional journey and – here is a big rule of thumb –  emotional journeys are hard to measure in calendar time. It’s the same reason I wouldn’t say to someone: it will take three and a half months for you to grieve a death. Also, if your lover doesn’t have clarity of intention then it’s hard for a reader to see how and when they are likely to take action.

If I am looking at when someone is inspired to reach out to you – yes of course I can sense the difference between 3 days and 3 months. I can give a sense of time, but it’s important to not get too ‘micro’ with time frames – and here is the reason why….

Although it is perfectly natural to want things to happen soon, if we approach it with tension and anxiety – it can actually block the manifesting process. It can push the experience further away. So watching the clock, watching the calendar, or paying too much attention to calendar time….can block the flow of energy. It can affect the energy you have with another person. If they feel that ‘pull’ on their energy in some way, it can stop communication from happening. Therefore it’s not always helpful for a psychic to pin your focus to a really specific time frame. It stops you from going with the flow, getting out of your own way and manifesting the outcome for yourself.

What you really need to know is how to get into your power and make time feel like it’s going more quickly. Time flies when you’re having fun. But if you’re not finding ways to have fun, what you want will always seem like it’s always ‘over there’.

TOP TIP #1: Think of timelines like a row of dominoes, or a sequence of events. One domino has to fall to push the next one. All of this can happen at the right time, in the right way. We need to allow one step and then the next. So it’s not really about when the last domino falls. We can enjoy the journey to getting there. Remember that you can influence the dominoes and

TOP TIP #2: What a psychic sees will be influenced by YOUR input too. For example it is hard to predict a timeline about finding a new job if you haven’t started looking for one yet. And sending that unnecessary text to a friend might influence how and when they reach out to you. It’s all about those dominoes and cause and effect!

NOT-SO-GREAT QUESTION: In which month will I attract a new lover?

BETTER QUESTIONS: What are the sequence of events that lead me to a new lover? Do I need to do anything differently to attract this experience?

So are you feeling inspired? Ready to dive in?


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