Use A Psychic Reading To Step Into Your Power

Using a psychic reading to step into your power

Many people think that having a psychic reading means being told what’s going to happen in their future. But a really good psychic reading will try to empower you to create the future that you want.

You are the creator of your future

A good psychic should be able to pick up what’s happened in your past and what is going on in your life right now with specific detail.  They should also tune in and pick up your emotional undercurrents and an overall picture of where you are energetically.  These things are important because they shape what we are able to create.

How giving something too much of the wrong energy chases it away

Wanting something too much or being desperate creates a crazy vibration in the quantum field. It can actually chase away what we want. Partly because our energy is focused on the NOT having. If we create and are what we believe focusing on the lack can push a situation into limbo. When we are complete in ourselves, we set up a powerful vibration that is a compelling force of attraction.

When having a psychic reading we have the opportunity to step into our power at the point where, alongside looking at what’s likely to happen, we focus on delving deep into our emotional and energetic landscape that is the very thing that I believe creates our future.

Getting the most out of a reading

It might astound you, but over the years of testing hundreds of psychic readers we have turned away readers who have definitely shown flashes of psychic ability and have given quite detailed and specific information that shows they have well developed intuitive abilities.  But this alone is not enough.  Alongside that, the readers that I choose also have to show me that they can make good use of their psychic skills helping people step into their own power.

Being able to reel off the names of your friends or pinpointing exactly what you do in terms of work is pretty impressive. It does give you a reassurance that your reader is genuinely psychic. But we look for far more than that.  We look for readers who I believe can work with you to identify the patterns that may themselves be holding off exactly what you want to draw in and can support you in becoming more creative, energetically more attractive and consequently more powerful. To empower you and to inspire you into knowing that you have the power to transform your life.

In a nutshell

Making the most of your psychic reading means choosing a reader with exceptional psychic skills who can also support you in becoming an active creator of your own experience, rather than a passive recipient of what’s going to happen next. Having a psychic reading should never be about giving away your power or letting someone define your destiny.  It should be reminding you that you are more powerful than you could possibly know and that you are the creator of your destiny.

Much love,

Michele x

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