How to stop reading tarot cards and start using your intuition

How to stop reading tarot cards and start using your intuition

I use Tarot all the time – but many people are astonished when I say that I don’t read the cards.

Most people go through a number of stages in giving Tarot readings that go like this.  First, they become fascinated with the cards and start trying to memorise their meanings, giving Tarot readings with reference books to hand in case they get stuck.  After a while, they get a bit more confidence, stop resorting to reference books and rely on their memory. And the trouble is that most people stop there. They cling to reading the cards like the little cartoon character Dumbo clutching his magic feather, believing he can’t fly without it.

You can give amazing Tarot readings like this, but I think the strongest readings are those where people allow Tarot cards to spark up their psychic intuition.

Straightforward vs Intuitive

Maybe it’s easiest if you can hear the difference between a straightforward Tarot reading versus one in which someone is using Tarot but leading with their psychic intuition.

A straight Tarot reading sounds like this;  “The first card I turn over is Strength, so that means you’re having to balance things, or be strong. Crossing you is the Ace of Swords, so that could mean that you’ve had to cut away something from the past and make a fresh start, or that you’ve succeeded against the odds, or that you’ve really had to use your wits to get something going, or you’ve had to be quite pushy…..”

That’s what I call ‘card reading’. You can literally hear that the person is looking at the cards one by one and reciting their meaning from memory.

In contrast, here is one of my readers, Sue C, giving a free psychic reading on her My Spirit Radio show in which she is using Tarot but leading with her intuition.  If you listen, she doesn’t talk about the cards and you might be surprised to know she is using them at all.  She’s weaving the many possible meanings of the cards and filtering them through her psychic intuition to add that bit of X factor.   That helps her chuck out what isn’t relevant and get straight to what is.

So if you’re already giving Tarot readings but you’d like to work  with your intution more, how can you make this leap?


Enlist a few volunteers and offer to give them free Tarot readings.  If you usually charge, giving free readings will take the pressure off you to perform and allow you to try a new approach.


Before you give the Tarot reading, set your intention that anything you do – shuffling, cutting or laying the cards out – is about unlocking your intuition.


Lay the cards out and pause.  Look at them as a whole.  At this point, I can feel myself going into a slightly dream like state when I’m there giving a reading but also linking in to what I think of as being the web that connects everything in the universe.


Filter what the cards say through your psychic intuition.  Use it to tell the difference between a generalisation or something that could apply to anyone, something that isn’t relevant and something that you feel is a hit.

Then start talking.  You might wobble at first, like Dumbo stuttering in the air when he dropped his magic feather.  But as soon as he realised he didn’t need it, he soared, and that’s what you’ll do too as you learn to trust your psychic intuition.

2 thoughts on “How to stop reading tarot cards and start using your intuition

  1. Hi, I used to be open & I used to give tarot card readings out but, it was like an L shape whereas Spirit would tell me or sometimes show me & I would tell the Enquirer but, I never read the cards obviously if they asked me what a particular card was I’d tell them but, spirit would tell me. I can’t really read the cards it’s just that Spirit tells me what to say. Now I would like to open up fully again but, I am not sure what to do. So, I’d very much like any help which you can give me. I do meditate but, not all the while. But, I am desperate to open up again after nearly 10years.

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