6 Signs It’s Time To Have A Psychic Reading

Time to Have A Good Psychic Reading? Four Signs That Say Yes!

Hello intuitive soul!

Have you thought about getting a good psychic reading? We’re all modern magicians. Juggling increasingly busy and complex lives. In fact, living is a full time occupation. And at some point, we all need support staff just to get the job done! It’s common for us to consult professionals to do the things we either cannot do ourselves. Or simply don’t have the time to do with the other demands we face.

Being the boss of our lives literally means having an entire company of professionals to call on – even if they are not employed full-time. A psychic is the professional who we can turn to when we need some soul support. When we have questions we don’t know the answer to or simply need support. A good psychic is not only able to hand us clarity and a sense of direction when it comes to challenges we may be facing, but they also empower us.

An in-depth psychic reading doesn’t just answer our questions, it hands us the ability to make the most of our opportunities. But knowing when to have a reading sometimes isn’t as simple as that burst pipe in the kitchen telling you it’s time to call the plumber! But chances are the signs are there – if you open up to intuition and know what to look for. Here are four top signs that are nudging you towards answers, self-discovery and booking that psychic reading!

You Simply Don’t Know What To Do

Maybe you’ve tried everything. Or you know the situation is out of your hands. If it involves you and someone else – a lover, a boss, another person or their decision, then you’re already wise enough to know there’s only so much you can do. Perhaps you simply want insight into how the situation will resolve itself.

Or to explore if there’s a different way you can approach things. A good psychic sees the bigger picture when things have become cloudy or confused or you have simply lost hope. They can re-open you to insight and a new perspective as well as reconnecting you to the answers and options within. Saying ‘I don’t know what to do anymore’ is the first step away from not knowing and back into empowerment again. Don’t have the answer? This is a sign it’s time for a reading!

Nothings Changing – or Everything Is

You’re stuck in a cycle where nothing is going right. And nothing is changing no matter what you do. You want to get back into the flow of life (and love) again but feel your efforts are futile and (if you fall for everyone’s Instagram feed) you’re the only one in this kind of permanent downward spin.

Where’s your escape route? When will it end? And what can you do about it? Or conversely – you just got that big break – your dream job or started that wonderful new relationship. What’s next? Perhaps the changes you’re facing aren’t ones you asked for or even wanted. Stuck or flow, self-initiated or unexpected, change or the lack of it is always a good time to have a reading.

Psychic Synchronicities are Everywhere!

You weren’t actually thinking about having a good psychic reading. Things may be going okay. In fact, they may be better than okay – they may be great. But then someone tells you about this great psychic reading they had. You read an interview where a celebrity talks about an experience they had which uncannily mirrors yours.

You’re watching a TV show or movie and one of the characters has a psychic reading even though you would not have been expecting this with this kind of genre/storyline. A song keeps playing on the radio wherever you go which you associate either with someone or with a specific time in your life. Without consciously seeking them out, books, magazines, articles and people cross your path which are linked to either psychic readings, Tarot, astrology, clairvoyance or mediumship or echo these themes. It’s like the universe is sending you a message. It is. Time to have a reading.

You’re Seeking Confirmation of What You Already Know

You instinctively know how to intuit. Your own psychic skills are honed. And you just have this feeling you cannot shake. And are convinced about an outcome even though there are no signs of it manifesting right this second. You know you are on the cusp of something. Then questions form: is this merely wishful thinking or your over-active imagination?

There’s only one way to find out. Think of yourself as someone who has made a breakthrough discovery. But you need the opinion of a peer professional to confirm you have your facts straight. That’s what you are doing now. The fact is – we are the most intuitive psychics we know. But so often we doubt what our own intuition is telling us. Or even if we are confident, we need the reassurance and validation we are indeed, correct. Also, the insight another psychic may pick up on what you are already seeing may add details you have overlooked or were yet to intuit. Working together you can now piece together a more detailed and comprehensive snapshot of the future you have foreseen! Knowing but not having proof right now you are right, is yet another sign it’s time for a psychic reading.

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