How to Spot a Psychic Scam

Every so often someone contacts me or a member of my team to say that they have been scared witless by a psychic reading or what someone supposed to be psychic has said.  Most recently, one poor woman said that she had paid a lot of money to have a clairvoyant reading with someone quite famous who told her that she had been cursed but he could help her – for a big fee.  Many others have been scared as a result of being targeted by a known international fake psychic medium.

Psychic reading scams

It’s so easy to believe that everyone who does psychic readings is a good person with a high standard of ethics, but this isn’t the case.  Sadly, there are a few people out there without any real psychic ability pretending to give readings, and a few who do have psychic ability yet are still trying to get as much money as they can from people.  There are also internet fraudsters who pretend to run services offering psychic readings in the same way that they can pretend to be banks and email people asking for their passwords and bank details.  All target people who are vulnerable and try and get money out of them by making them feel scared.

Curses and bad luck

The way psychic scammers usually try to get money out of people is by telling them that they have been cursed, or that something bad is going to happen in their future, but that they, the reader, can help them.  They can offer to lift curses or bad spells.  What usually happens is that they will ask for a sum of money for doing this, and then when that is paid, ask for more.

You are in charge of your life!

I cannot emphasise enough that if someone asks you for money to lift a curse or to change your luck,  you should walk away because you’ve met a scammer.  You are in charge of your destiny and have more power than you realise.  A good reader will help you connect with the power that you have and create the life you want without scaring you or asking for loads of money.

Bad luck buster

All of us have our share of ups and downs in life, but instead of seeing things as bad luck if you don’t get what you want, trust the universe has something better in store!  Throughout my life, there have been jobs that I didn’t get and relationships that didn’t work out.  Thank God, because I love my current life and couldn’t have imagined anything like it twenty years ago when I might have hoped for something else!  Know that everything is perfect, just as it is, and you’ll stop believing in bad luck.

Curse busting

Curses only work if you are scared.  It’s that feeling of being scared that you have been cursed that can then lead you to make disempowered choices that in turn can lead to things seeming to happen out of bad luck.  It isn’t the curse.  The only power someone can have over you is the power you give them.  Refuse to give them power, and they are powerless!

Remember the universe loves you and all is well!

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