How do the free readings work?

I get so many positive messages about the amazing free readings on my site (and by the way – there are over 18 incredible free readings so check them all out and you’re bound to find one you like if you haven’t already!)

People can’t believe how spooky and accurate they can be and puzzle over how they work.

Actually, what makes them work is exactly the same thing as what is happening during a psychic reading when a psychic reader is using Tarot or runes or any other tool of divination. It’s also the same thing at work as when people use their own divination tools to read their own Tarot cards or runes.

It’s all about synchronicity. Synchronicity is at play when two or more things come together that are in some way connected but where the only thing that can explain that connection is the quantum links of energy that weave around us all.

Synchronicity is at work when a particular book falls out of a bookshelf in the library or bookshop onto your foot.  You pick it up and realise it’s about something hugely important to you.

You might not be able to see or touch what linked you to that book, but the link is there.  Probably if you could actually see on a quantum level, you’d be able to see that something about you was at the same energetic frequency as something about that book.  But that’s something that for the moment we have to assume and even taken for granted, in the same way we assume the link between the light switch we flick on and the light that comes on, even though we haven’t checked it for ourselves.

When you use the free readings on this site, something in you interacts with something in the programme and the cards or runes that flip over or the Goddess that is revealed mirrors that vibration. That’s how they can be so spookily accurate.

And that’s what I believe happens when you have a reading with a psychic reader over the phone, or use your own tarot or runes at home too.

Many times synchronicities seem to arrive out of the blue and make us shiver with delight.  But when we use tools of divination, we are also using the principles of synchronicity in a much more controlled manner.

I am so glad that you love the free readings and carry on enjoying them and sharing them with your friends.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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