FAQ about our psychic readings

FAQ about our psychic readings

Here are a few frequently asked questions about our psychic readings. If there is anything else you would like to know, post a comment here!

Who gets invited to join the Michele Knight team?

All of my readers go through a number of tests and the final test is always with me.  Tests are designed to pull out the very best psychic readers that we feel are exceptional.  They are a bit different from other psychic readings. Testers say as little as possible so they don’t give any information away. We look for psychic readers who can give specific information about the past or present of the tester. We have to be able to verify what they say.

Psychic readers trying out for the team have to be able to go way beyond saying things like, ‘You’ve been hurt in the past’ as most people have had their fair share of emotional knocks along the way. They also have to go beyond statements along the lines of, ‘You’re a very kind person’.  That’s always nice to hear – but most people would agree with it  – even if it isn’t true!

What we look for

So what are we looking for? During one test reading, one psychic reader who ended up working for me accurately described every toy I had as a child. Another repeated a conversation I’d had with my partner in the bathroom that morning.  Readers who have joined the team have named and described previous professions of testers. They gave spot on summaries of past or present relationships, picked up on unusual hobbies. Even revealed the odd secret that testers had never shared with anyone. Having run hundreds of tests, it takes a lot to impress us.

How long should it take a reader to connect with me in a psychic reading?

Whether you’re having a credit card reading or calling a psychic direct, a good psychic reader should be able to tune in and say something that shows that they have made a connection with you within the first few minutes by giving specific details.  If they don’t, just end the call.  If you’ve booked a credit card reading and you go back to reception within the first five minutes, you can have your money back or your pin credited so you can try another.

Along with anything else, it’s all about you finding the psychic reader that is right for you. Sometimes it’s a matter of preference, and sometimes it’s about chemistry.   But all in all, I want you to be blown away, so if you aren’t, put the phone down and let us know.

How do I go about choosing a reader?

Look at their profiles, watch their videos if they have them and read any feedback that they have.  Along with that, do talk to my fabulous reception staff on 0207 111 6090 about what kind of psychic reading you want to have.

How specific can a psychic reader be when it comes to timing?

I have given and seen my readers give timings that have turned out to be spot on, but it’s hugely important that we only use these timings as a guide and not set in stone.

You might have heard the saying ‘there is no time in the spirit world’.  Funnily enough, this is something that quantum physicists also seem to agree with.  Many eminent scientists say that the past, present and future aren’t as clear cut as we’d like to think!

Along with that shamans have always said that everything that shows up in our world is a mirror of what’s going on inside us.  If we’re desperate, for example, we can set up a crazy energy that delays things, or even push away what was flowing towards us and that can affect timing.  The more we can let go and let flow, the faster what is ours will come to us.

Can a psychic reader tell me if my ex is going to come back?

A psychic reader can tune in and see what’s happening in terms of the energy between you. But actually being able to predict what someone else is going to do is tricky territory. You know from yourself that it’s possible to feel one thing and do something else or go through a change of mind or heart.  A good psychic reader will always try and lead you back to your power. Look at the blocks and details but rather than putting all of your focus into waiting for what someone else will do next, you can get on with your life. Then things can unfold with a new dynamic.

Can a psychic reader tell me exactly what’s going to happen?

A good psychic can tune in to what has been going on up until now and help you connect with your own power to put you in the best possible place to shape your future.  They can also spot things that may be further down the line, but again a lot of what happens in your life is actually down to you!  There is such a thing as fate, but it’s not set in stone.  Far more powerful than fate is the free will you use to move towards your destiny.  I always say that a good psychic reader may tell you that you are going to be successful at something, but if you stay underneath the duvet and do nothing, nothing is likely to happen!

Are there any things a psychic can’t talk about?

Psychic readers who work on telephone lines or text services can’t talk about anything related to health, finance or legal matters.  That includes talking about pregnancy.  I always encourage people to go to their doctors or healthcare provider, contact Citizens Advice or track down a qualified financial adviser for expert advice.

What happens if I have too many psychic readings?

If you find that you are asking the same psychic or calling round different psychics to ask the same question over and over again, you can end up confused and out of pocket!  It’s far better to have one thorough psychic reading that helps you step back into your power and then focus on transforming your life.

Having loads of psychic readings can actually leave you feeling a bit obsessed and stuck as all your focus goes on the one thing you’re asking about. So, rather than having loads of psychic readings, enlist some fab new friends to support you on your life path. Go for a walk, or do something to move your life forward. If you can, stick the money you would have spent on psychic readings in a jar and save it for something that is going to change your life!

What do I do if I’m not happy with my psychic reading?

End the call as soon as you can and let us know. Email charlotte@micheleknight.co.uk or call on +44(0)207 111 6090. We handle thousands of all kinds of readings and get very few queries, and each one is thoroughly looked into as it helps us keep the highest standards of service.

Does my opinion count?

This service is built around what people tell us they want. If you’ve had a good reading, our psychic readers really do get a boost when you tell us what you think. If you’re not happy, we’d rather you tell us and we can do something about it. We’re a small, friendly company and we love to hear from you!

What else can I do apart from have a psychic reading?

You’ll find an absolute treasure trove of articles and videos and tons of free readings and goodies across all my sites. I truly believe that whatever has brought you here, you can transform your life. In short, my goal is to provide tried and trusted tools to help you do just that.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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  1. I’d like to book an emailed reading and can’t find how to proceed? Has anyone had one? Thanks

    1. Hello there, Just go to book a reading and once you book you can write your questions. Or call reception who will take your booking. Our email readings are very popular as are our chat readings which is like an instant email reading. Let me know how it goes. Love Michele x

  2. In my present situation iam unable to ask for a reading. As much as I would love this it’s just not possible. Keep up all the loving work you do. ❤️

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