Can a psychic reader fix your rocky relationship?

When you have a relationship reading,  a good psychic reader should be able to start by giving you enough  information for you to feel confident that they have tuned into you.

They might start talking about how you’ve been feeling, for how long, or about specific things that have happened.

I remember during one test, one of the readers now in my team repeated a conversation I’d had with my partner in the bathroom that morning as though she’d been perched in the cupboard, listening!

A good psychic reader can also use their intuition to tap into you and the old patterns that the  relationship you’re in might be triggering.  For example, a particular relationship could bring insecurities that go all the way back to childhood right to the surface.

A good psychic reader can also look at what is actually going on between you.   That means that you can very quickly get down to talking about what’s important and what you can do to move the relationship along.

Friends and family can sometimes have their own agenda, but again a good, ethical psychic reader should be neutral.

That doesn’t mean that they will just go along with what they feel you want to hear, but as they are outside of your relationship and your social circle, they aren’t going to be tied to you taking any one course of action in particular.

You should also feel that you can tell them anything in confidence without being judged.

Also an accurate psychic reader can sometimes help you see things that are right under your nose that you could be missing.

A recent study done at Northwestern University shows that people’s beliefs about their partner influenced the meaning they made about their behaviour.

For example, if you’re going through a rocky patch with someone who’s let you down loads of times, you’re much more likely to interpret them doing something nice for you with suspicion as a result.  They bring you flowers and your heart sinks as you think, what have they done now?

Because our feelings, beliefs and past experience can actually muddy our perception, it’s always worth talking to someone who can give us a totally fresh perspective on what’s been happening and I believe a good psychic reader can do that.

A psychic should avoid telling you what to do. This is your souls journey and your choices are sacred. Telling you what to do robs you of your power and  is tricky when you have two people involved in a situation.

I believe that a good psychic love reading helps you see your situation clearly and connects you with your own power to make your own choices, rather than leaving you waiting for fate to take a hand or the other person to determine what happens next.

As a general rule, avoid any psychic reader who tells you that for a few pounds or dollars more, they can influence what happens!  If anyone says anything like that, you’re talking to a scam artist, not a psychic reader.

In a nutshell, no psychic reader can fix a rocky relationship as it’s not really right for them to have that much influence in your life.  But they should be able to help you step into your power and decide for yourself how to move the relationship on.

You are a beautiful soul
You are a beautiful soul worthy of love!


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