Asking Psychics The Same Question Over And Over

Sometimes if people get into a real panic or desperate over something, what can happen is this. They call a psychic to see what’s going on. Then they call another, and another and another to see what they say, or keep going back to the same reader to ask the same question. Sometimes if people ask the same questions of loads of different readers, they’ll all say the same thing and then sometimes one will say something different, which then sends the person into a loop of having even more readings to find out what the ‘truth’ is. All in all, it can end up with people being hugely out of pocket and more confused than ever. This is something that we don’t encourage and as an ethical company we don’t want you to get dependent on our service or any other but to get what you need with out having to ask the same question over and over.

A good psychic reading should actually help you move to a position of power in that it connects you with how you can transform your own life. It should give you specific details about what is going on and give you a clear overview of the situation. Asking the same question over and over again – is he going to call? What does she think of me? Will I get that job? Actually pushes you out of your power, firstly because you’ve put someone else or what happens to you in charge and secondly because it catapults you out of now and into the future you’re desperate for.

A good psychic reader should tune in to what is likely to happen in the future, but the gap between what is going on now and that future that they have seen needs to be filled by you. That gap actually comprises lots of little nows, all strung together. And if you spend all of those little nows in longing and desperation for what you want to come in, it can actually push away the very thing you want. In my experience the universe mirrors our vibration and if we are buzzing with desperation and longing the universe says , ah, you’d like some more of that then, and obligingly sends it our way so we get stuck in the desperation and longing. I have come across some unscrupulous psychics who will encourage you to keep coming back but this does not help your situation and I feel is very unethical. One or two good psychic readings should give you the clarity you need and then it is up to you! You have the ability to create a wonderful life once you become aware of your own patterns and power.

As far as my team goes, we do what we can to make sure that people don’t have too many psychic readings. That’s something that’s really important to me because I devote my life to sharing with you what I know about how to create the life you want. Having too many psychic readings or asking the same question too many times really undermines your ability to do that.

If you’ve had a psychic reading, put it to one side and focus on what is going on for you right now. Show up one hundred per cent for every second of your own life, rather than mentally careering backwards and forwards between the past and the future. Be there for you in the moment, appreciating the life you have and the connection with your soul that you are growing into on a daily basis.

When it comes to any predictions that anyone makes for you, listen and then let them go. You know the difference between, say having a holiday that you’re really looking forward to but not in a way that stops your ability to enjoy what’s going on now and agonising over something that is in your calendar and fretting about whether it will all go as you want it to and barely being able to enjoy it when it arrives. We all know that often the best moments of our lives are the ones that spontaneously and effortlessly arise from flowing with what is going on in the moment and the ones we’ve planned down to the last detail of every last second just don’t have the same magic.

If you know in your heart that you are so fixated and desperate about one particular thing happening that you can’t think straight, train yourself to talk about what’s really going on. Ask what in you needs to shift so that you can reconnect with your power in the now, listen to the answer and act on that. Go for a walk, ask the universe for help and release any worries to it, meditate, take a bath, go for a run or put on your favourite feel good music and dance like crazy. Go to the top of your garden or a hill and chant ‘what is for me will not pass me by’ until you know you mean it. Know that you do have the power to transform your own life and probably bring in things that are actually even bigger and better than any one thing you might have got fixated on in the moment.

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  1. I am very happy to have read this. I feel so overwhelmed and definitely getting to the end of my rope thinking about all the different messages that I have received about the same question, for the past 2 months. My body is beginning to feel the anxiety for what I’ve had put it. I need a break and to start letting go and believe that “what is for me, will not pass me by” Thanks sister Aries. I am a huge fan of your YouTube videos and I never miss the weekly horoscopes. I am also subscribe to your newsletter. Much love to you and your team!

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