5 Benefits of a Psychic Email Reading

5 Surprising Benefits of a Psychic Email Reading



Hi, I’m David, one of Michele Knight’s psychic team.

As well as supporting clients with our phone readings for many years, I also answer burning questions in email readings too.

In these readings I don’t use any tools, I simply tune into Spirit and channel the guidance in written form. I am supported by my guides in this work – who are compassionate, concise, and beautifully blunt.

Clients often choose an email reading for practical reasons. They may not be confident with spoken English. Or they may be hard of hearing. They may struggle to get time and space to themselves. Or they might be busy, and want to enjoy the reading when they have more time,

But here are some other compelling reasons why an email reading is super-valuable and can provide the breakthrough you really need!

Sacred time and space. 

When I carry out a three-question email reading, it usually takes me over an hour. During this time I am tuning in just for YOU, with no interruptions or distractions.

 This gives me the opportunity to write a juicy, in-depth reading! I look at the bigger picture and what’s really going on – the reasons why you arrived at this point, and how you can work with the Universe to create a beautiful future. 

In other words, I am not just giving you a weather forecast, I am helping you to choose the very best umbrella.

The power of calm. 

Sometimes we seek guidance in life in the ‘red hot moment’ when we are feeling rattled or anxious. This can affect the energy in a psychic reading, because although it can be a soothing experience, the psychic has to ‘soften the vibe’ in order to get to the heart of the matter. 

When you are upset or confused or angry, it can make it more difficult to receive what is being said, and therefore not get the most value from a reading. 

In a psychic email reading, there is a time for the dust to settle. We are basking in the energy of Spirit rather than being consumed by a red hot emotion. Spirit are always calm and optimistic. From this standpoint, all is well, you are enough and healing is possible. 

Making room for a new perspective. 

Your red hot emotions will come from strongly held beliefs. This affects how you see the world and approach your problems . But as Einstein said: ‘We can not solve our problems from the same level of thinking that created them.’ 

Sometimes when you have a reading, you might be coming with limiting beliefs and blinkered vision. But when I create an email reading for you I can step aside from all that. If you can be brave and open-hearted, Spirit can offer a totally different perspective which can help you to move forward!

Carefully crafting your email questions. 

Requesting a psychic email reading gives you the chance to think about what you REALLY want to know. Sometimes during a conversation with a psychic, you might get stumped – or a little flustered. What should you ask? Is it OK to ask questions at all? How much time have you got today to explore the issue? 

If you prepare your questions from a calm and mindful place, you will get better results from the psychic. So, for example – Are you just asking about the very next step, or do you want to know about the long term? Are you interested in how you viewed by others, or are you more interested in feeling better from within? What energy are you bringing to your questions?

A great introduction to the reader

If you are nervous about phone readings or are struggling to decide which psychic has the right energy, then email readings are a way of getting some precious insights while also learning more about that psychic’s working style. We offer 1, 2 or 3 question readings and deliver them to your inbox within 3 working days!






I’ve read and re-read David’s answers to my questions. Would you be kind enough to pass on this brief message to him.  “Wow!  I felt a little weight lifting from my shoulders .Thank you!” – Clare.

Please can you thank David for his reading, it’s so accurate and he has helped immensely, just knowing that what I felt was real.   – Sharon

Dearest David, I am very grateful for this reading,

you have given me more than what I have asked for and I am so, so happy with this reading. This reading has resonated with in so many ways.   – Best Regards Karen

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