What’s Your Psychic Style? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!

What’s Your Psychic Style?

We are all intuitive. But we receive our information in different ways. Take our quiz to find out what your psychic ‘style’ is!

psychic quiz

Think of a rose. Do you imagine

a)      The stem with its thorns contrasting with the soft petals

b)      A beautiful rose garden

c)      The scent of roses

d)      Hearing the birds and the rustle of the breeze through the roses

e)      Making rose potpourri


psychic quizIf I were to say ‘chocolate’ to you what’s your reaction?

A)    You can almost taste that velvety texture as it melts in your mouth!

B)     You can see the label

C)    You can almost smell the cocoa

D)    You can hear the snap as you break off a piece and the satisfying ‘crunch’ as you take a bite

E)     ‘There goes my diet . . . ‘


psychic quiz You’re walking along a beach at sunset. What is it you notice the most?

a)      The sand between your toes

b)      The Sun just touching the horizon as it sets

c)      The fresh smell of the ocean

d)      The sound the waves make lapping the beach and the cry of the sea gulls

e)      You want your camera or your diary so you can capture the moment in some way


psychic quizYou’re in a New Age shop looking for the perfect thing to advance your psychic skills. What is it you are drawn to the most?

a)      A crystal – you can feel its resonance

b)      A tarot deck

c)      Some sage for smudging

d)      A meditation CD

e)      A dream journal


psychic quizLastly, imagine Johnny Depp is standing next to you right now. What do you find it easiest to imagine?

a)      The feeling of his stubble or softness of his skin

b)      The colour of his eyes

c)      The smell of his cologne

d)      The sound of his voice

e)      What you would talk about


Mostly A’s:

I bet you can feel the temperature drop if someone from the spirit world is around you! So, you might notice you go hot or cold when either you get a flash of intuition or a message from your guides. You talk about how things make you feel as opposed to how you think or react to them. You are very senstitive.

Mostly B’s:

You are a natural clairvoyant. You ‘see’ things in your mind’s eye. If you practice you may find in time you can pick up even the tiniest detail. Pay attention to images or symbols in your dreams. They could turn out to be very accurate when it comes to predicting the future.

Mostly C’s:

You are a psychic detective. You tune into others or situations by literally ‘sniffing out’ the facts. If you notice unusual scents or fragrances around you, even when there is nothing in the room to cause them, you are scenting another presence. When meeting new people you may find your nose twitches. It’s nothing to do with whether they smell of Chanel or garbage. Your nose knows!

Mostly D’s:

You are clairaudient. You can hear words, sounds or even music psychically. This is the most unusual version of psychic ability. You may even hear people from the spirit world as if they were speaking to you. Ask your spirit guide a question out loud and then wait. You may hear the answer coming back.

Mostly E’s:

You are clairsentient. And you just ‘know’ things. Your hunches usually turn out to be right despite the fact you’ve never felt a drop in temperature, heard a spirit voice, smelled a fragrance or even picked up a Tarot deck. You may feel you have always known something about a person or situation but when you analyse it you will realise the insight is in fact new and also that there is no way you could have picked it up from someone else.

Don’t forget – psychic ability is like any other skill we have.  Albert Einstein said: ‘Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’ so practice makes perfect. The more you practice with your ability the more you will find your psychic impressions to be accurate.

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