Two Simple Exercises to Measure Your Psychic Progress

Sometimes when we’re developing our psychic abilities we may have to wait for events we’ve predicted to manifest. If we’re waiting a while for feedback it’s easy to become discouraged, so here are two simple exercises you can do which will allow you to measure how you’re coming along.

Soul Scanning:

Get together with someone – ideally this would be someone you don’t know very well. Stand facing one another about six feet apart and both of you should close your eyes. Both of you should take a moment to breathe and release any tension in your bodies. Then, visualise each other as a being of light or pure energy (which is what we really are). Look with your ‘inner’ or third eye at this being of light before you. Scan them from top to bottom and then back up again. Take note of the colours around them, how their energy flows, if there are dark patches or blockages – anything and everything. Next, notice any images, emotions, feelings, thoughts or sensations that may be coming from them.

When you have finished, open your eyes and each of you tell the other person what they saw or picked up. Give one another honest feedback and don’t forget, you may tune into something that has yet to happen so make sure if it does you let the other person know. However, this exercise allows you to have immediate feedback and both of you may be surprised at the amount of accurate information you can get doing this.

Daily Prediction:

Set yourself between one and three predictions each day. The night before, close your eyes and ‘time travel’ forward into tomorrow. How do you see your day unfolding? Who will you encounter? What will happen at work or with your partner or children? Where are you? Look around you. Note any colours and feelings. Events. People you may not know. What are people wearing or doing? What are you saying or doing? File all this information away. If you’re not receiving any images please don’t stress. Are you hearing or feeling anything? Smelling something? Don’t forget, not all information is received visually. Don’t try to force things and be open to how and what comes through. How are you feeling? Elated? Relaxed? Tense? Happy? Note this down as well. When you are done write down between one and three predictions based on the information you have received. You’ll only have to wait 24 hours to see how accurate you’ve been. Keep practicing and as you gain confidence you can start to increase the number or predictions you make.

As you develop your skills you will begin not only to trust your intuition, but to trust yourself as well. Very often we know our future – we just have to be open to it.

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