Turbo Boost Psychic Ability With Sacred Spaces

When we’re in a space that energises us, our psychic centres open up and we are open to receiving messages from universal source or the spirit world if you prefer to call it that. If you have read my urban Shaman articles here on MK then you’ll already know about finding your sacred space even in a big city where you can connect to your power and nature. But did you know that being in your own personal sacred space or else somewhere that is considered to be one such as Glastonbury for example, can put you in a position where you can receive answers or insights into almost any question or life situation? It’s like plugging into a spiritual super-computer and downloading straight from the source!

I’ve done this time and again especially when I’ve been blocked or unhappy. I have asked the Goddess on top of a ruined temple in Greece (where I ignored the answer and put myself into two years of unnecessary turmoil!)  I frequently went to Chalice Well in Glastonbury when my heart needed to hear the stark truth and I usually went when I was in denial! I’ve traipsed to long lost stone circles and sat in woods or by the sea. When we throw our question out to a power spot in nature the answer is usually loud and clear. Be prepared though, as what is known cannot become unknown!

And that’s it! Please remember that if you ask a question you must sincerely accept the answer even if it is one you do not want to hear. Repeating your question will cause the link between you and the energy of your space to shut down. You can however ask as many questions as you need to. Once you have received your answers thank your space for giving them to you. You may also want to leave a small natural token behind you – a flower, a feather or even food for birds as a payment.

The wisdom of your chosen space is easy to access and exists simply because you have chosen it! So, take advantage of this channel to boosting your psychic and clairvoyant skills to obtain the answers you seek.

PS An alternative to this is to use a pendulum in your sacred space

You don’t need any expensive equipment but you can purchase a pendulum or else use a pendant or crystal drop on the end of a chain to obtain your answers. You will also need to frame any questions in such as way that they can be answered with a ‘Yes’ or a ‘No’. If you are travelling to one of the world’s famous sacred places then take advantage of this and take a pendulum with you as answers await!

Once you are aligned with the energy of your space tune your pendulum in to it. Ask it to show you which way is ‘yes’ and which way is ‘no’. Once you have established this it is good psychic manners to ask your sacred space for permission to continue so just ask ‘May I?’. If you should by any chance receive a ‘No’ – this may mean that you are just not ready to receive the information right now. Please do not push this but thank your space and return again another time. However, in most cases you will receive permission to continue.

On an everyday basis however, take your pendant or pendulum and go to your sacred space. When you arrive, take a few moments to ‘tune in’ to the energy of what makes this a special place for you. Remember, your choice resonates with you and you alone.

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