How Tuning into Your Pet Helps Boost Your Psychic Ability

Michele Knight reader and resident animal communicator Helen shows how we can boost our psychic ability by learning how to communicate with our animals.

Aside from the obvious noises – your cat purrs when happy, your dog barks with excitement or to tell you someone is approaching, your horse whinnies with pleasure when he sees you –  animals primarily use non-verbal signals to communicate. Learning how to ‘tune in’ and interpret what our animal soul companions are telling us therefore helps us when it comes to developing our own intuition and reading the non-verbal signals people give out – as well as of course, opening up our relationship to our beloved pets. So, how can we learn to do this?


Animals express a full range of emotions just like we do. If you have a animal soul companion or have simply spent enough time around animals you will have at one time or another seen your pet exhibit everything from jealousy to joy. When we understand this we can begin to relate to our animals on the emotional level which transcends language. Have you ever said ‘My pet understands everything I say?’ Chances are they do.

Many animals are able to see our auras and also being masters at non-verbal communication, they are able to pick up the emotional context behind our words. So, when we are setting out on a journey to start to open up communication with our pet it is important to understand that our pets respond to this – this also means they understand harsh or angry words which they will interpret as rejection or criticism and close down as a result. So, even if you feel your pet has misbehaved, always keep a firm but gentle tone.

Spending time with your pet

The first step to understanding what your pet is saying is simply to spend more time with it. Do you spend as much time with your animal as you should? And do you walk your dog regularly but are always in a hurry? Do you stroke your cat but aside from that never spend much time observing her? Or Do you dash to the stable to turn out your horse and then just ride him at weekends? The first step to building your relationship with your animal is to spend time with it just like you would with any other soul connection. If your animal fits on your lap and likes it, sit with it and stroke and massage it.

If you have a larger animal sit with it on the floor. Run your hands over it talking to it and give it a massage. The same goes if you have a horse. Don’t just be with your horse when you are riding it. Spend time with it in the stable and the paddock and yes, horses love massages! As you do this you will notice more and more ways in which your animal communicates and what is more when you touch and massage your animal you will begin to receive emotional and psychic impressions from them.

Soul healing

You may discover things about your animal’s past you didn’t know which can offer clues to why your pet behaves in a certain way allowing you to help them clear emotional blockages. Very often we attract animals who have similar emotional issues to us and this offers an opportunity for joint soul healing.

As you become more observant about what your animal is telling you, you will be able to apply this knowledge to understanding the same signals from people – giving your intuitive abilities a real boost.

Remember, any sudden behaviour changes in your pet require a professional opinion so always consult your vet in these situations.

Opening up non-verbal channels of communication with our pets enhances our relationship with them and brings about greater connectedness and wellbeing for us. So – get talking to the animals – you’ll be surprised at what they have to say.

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