The Root Chakra – gateway to your security

Many spiritual traditions talk about there being a number of energy centers in our bodies.  In the West, we most often call them Chakras, which is a Sanskrit word for ‘wheel’ or ‘turning’ as that’s what an open, healthy chakra appears to do to the etheric eye.

There are seven main chakras or energy centers in the body, running up from the base of our torso to the crown of our head. Each chakra is associated with a different colour and area of our life. They can become sluggish or blocked, which is said to have an effect on the areas of our lives that they are associated with.

In this series, I’m going to talk about each Chakra in turn, beginning with the root Chakra because that is the gateway that connects us to our very existence here on this planet! Clearing and being aware of your chakra energy can help to raise and transform your vibration. It helps super charge you back into your creative and energetic power and I find it a basic and essential tool in awakening to all we really are.

Found at the very bottom of the spine and associated with the colour red, this Chakra is connected with our sense of safety and belonging.  As its name suggests, it reflects whether we feel rooted, supported and grounded in our lives.  It’s also strongly connected with our sexual energy.

Meeting with loads of disruptions and stress or problems related to our sexuality can affect this Chakra, which can then become sluggish or blocked.  This means that we can fall into patterns that in turn lessen its ability to keep us connected with our own vibrant force for life.

That can show up in our lives in many ways.  It might be a persistent, nagging feeling that we just don’t deserve anything or aren’t lovable, problems in manifesting or living life in a permanent state of fear that we’re going to lose everything and end up destitute, even if everything is going great on the outside.  It can also mean that we can’t seem to stay on top of all of the practical stuff connected to our day to day lives – we always seem to miss the train or forget to post that important letter.  Or perhaps that we can’t express our sexuality in the way we’d like.

So here’s how you keep your root Chakra turning

1/Rub your hands briskly together until they are warm.  Reach round and place them on the back of your hips either side of your spine.  Visualise a lovely red colour and warmth flowing from your hands through into your lower abdomen.  Then rub your hands together vigorously again until they are warm, place them on the front of your lower abdomen and send in more of that red, warm energy.  This exercise from Chinese Chi Kung is said to be great for the kidneys, which can take a pounding if you have had loads of stress.

2/Examine any negative beliefs that you might be carrying.  Are they really true?  Replace them with positive beliefs.  So if you catch yourself feeling that you don’t deserve to be here, tell yourself that you are totally welcome and loved for who you are.

3/Do something that connects you joyously with your body – get a massage, take up yoga, dance.

4/Lie on your back and place a Red Jasper crystal just below your navel.  Meditate on its beautiful colour and feel the spiralling whorls of energy in your belly as your Chakra opens.

5/Sing!  Sound is amazingly healing.  The root Chakra is linked with the note of C, so if you can hit it, let the sound vibrate through your body.

6/Check it out – holding a pendulum above your root Chakra if you’re lying down or opposite it if you are sitting or standing will show you how your energy is turning.  The pendulum should gently move as the energy turns.

Loads of love

Michele x

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