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The Cosmos as Your Oracle

If I were to ask you to name a few divination tools, you might immediately list things like Tarot, runes, astrology or a few other time honoured but lesser known ones; such as ribbons (like the kind my reader Lynn uses), tea leaves or coffee grounds, or even the stars themselves.

All of these are tried and trusted oracle tools, but it doesn’t end there.  Shaman and mystics of old might not have had a pack of Tarot to hand, or runes to cast, but they might have crafted their own tools from bones, feathers or shells.  They understood that the magic they were harnessing was found throughout the entire cosmos.  That meant it could be found in anything; and, as they were also part of the cosmos, it was also to be found within them. They knew that the tools they used were just objects that took on ritual and magical significance as a result of their psychic intention.

Psychic Oracle System

Shaman and mystics from the dawn of humanity saw the whole universe as their psychic oracle system.  They paid attention to what happened around them; and didn’t make the distinction between what was clearly defined as magical and what was ordinary.  To them, a freak ice storm or a chance meeting with a stranger carried the potential to be a sacred manifestation of synchronicity; when the wheels of the cosmos turn and bring together two events that look unconnected on the surface, but that are linked by magical threads beneath.

That’s something that we have lost along the way; and that, as 21st century psychics, we can connect with again. We can be so busy turning over our Tarot cards or casting our runes that we simply don’t see the owl in our garden in the daytime.  More importantly, we get frustrated when the bus we are waiting for is late or breaks down; rather than stopping and thinking, should I be paying attention? Is this divine intervention?

Step into your power

I think that we focus on using particular oracle systems because in many ways it keeps life simple. It means we don’t have to train our psychic energy to tune into the whole of the cosmos and filter out what might be of magical significance and what might just be an everyday occurrence.

But I believe that when we truly step into our power as 21st Century Psychics, we transform our perception so that we really do see the whole of the universe as being something magical.  We look for things that happen out of the blue or that go against the grain of everyday existence.  We develop our psychic antennae and trust our intuition to tell us when we should stop and pay attention.

Loads of love,

Michele x

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