Can I Change the Outcome of My Psychic Reading?

Perhaps you’ve had a reading where you don’t like the outcome that you’ve been told. Can you change it? First of all, you need to understand that readings always reflect where you are at the moment the reading was done. In other words, the reader tunes in to your energy as it is in the moment and based on this, can see the probabilities that will play out in that moment. Call it a snapshot of the future if you like. Secondly, if your question concerns another person – say you have just suffered a relationship breakdown and you wish to know if there is a chance that a reconciliation is in the offing, you do need to be aware that soul contracts between people can be changed at any time and that we cannot influence another person’s karmic path or their right to free will no matter how much we may be hurting or want to be with them.

Now, to return to the question of changing an outcome, let’s look at what Quantum Physics has to teach us about this. We know that the mere act of observing a particle changes its behaviour. This is the effect of observational energy. All matter is merely energy in a wave form at a specific frequency. If therefore we change the frequency we are ‘operating’ on when we think of a future outcome, we can shift that outcome and create a different one. But what we need to bear in mind when doing this is that it may not be the outcome per se that is different – it is we or our response to it that is different!

Readings are meant to empower us and are never to be seen as set in stone no matter how accurate they turn out to be at the end of the day. Also, beware of readers who tell you categorically that you are not ‘destined’ in this lifetime to have or experience something – be it success or a relationship and that your ‘lifepath is about something very different’. For one thing, this is not empowerment and for another, at the end of the day it is all about YOUR beliefs and your ability to create your future – that question of energy again! A friend of mine once consulted a very well known astrologer in Los Angeles where she lived to be told that her chart revealed the fact that she would never marry (she was in her 40’s at the time). This was not what she wanted to hear as she wanted marriage and a family. However, when she looked deep inside she realised that her soul beliefs were telling her this just wasn’t the case and at 46 married the love of her life and had twins! No matter the reputation a reader may have, it’s always important to trust what your own intuition is telling you.

Sometimes however, a reader is channelling information we do need to take on board – to stop us from going any further down a path which has to future for us or to enable us to change long term patterns that are holding us back. Also, have you had a reading that has revealed an outcome you don’t like and as a result are you either bouncing between other readers asking the same question to see what they tell you or doing the same reading for yourself over and over again with your Tarot or Oracle cards? If so, then please stop. Part of shifting the energy requires us to let go of the outcome and trust that no matter what, the universe has a plan for us and we can trust in that plan and its wisdom.

1: Shift your energy – understand that the future is not set in stone. All of us have free will. Focus your energy positively.

2: Take action. This may mean not taking action directly related to your issue. For example, if you have suffered a relationship breakdown calling, texting or emailing your ex may only result in them distancing themselves even further and/or you getting slapped with restraining order! Put your energy into other areas of your life such as friends, your career and anything that gives you joy and let the universe take care of the rest. If the person is meant for you, they will return and if not, trust the universe will send you a new love when the time is right.

3: Let go and trust. Letting go of an outcome puts us in the path of so much raw potential if we could only see it we would be overwhelmed at the possibilities that existed for us! When we let go of an outcome we can see options we may have been blind to before. Letting go means re-connecting to our wise inner voice which tells us the truth of an outcome and this is ultimately the voice we must trust. But we can only tune into it when we are in a place of openness and calm.

Can we change the future? Absolutely.

10 thoughts on “Can I Change the Outcome of My Psychic Reading?

  1. This is the most uplifting, positive, and encouraging read after receiving the results of a psychic reading. I was down and depressed the previous day; yet, this reading is such a relief. Thank you to you for providing clarity and positivity. Indeed, the Universe will always support us.

  2. Such a relief to read this article. I had a reading with a person who uses numerology with the reading, He told me that my life is in the difficult cycle so it will last another 6years or so!! During the period nothing goes so well.. I asked him if I could change the fate with the law of attraction. His response was our lives are pre-programmed before birth so this difficult period is necessary for me and not going to be a waste. So not empowering reading!!! I trust our own will-power and not that bs!!! Thanks for such an empowering article!!! :)

  3. I actually went to a tarot reader about a relationship and in the first reading, I was given favorable info, with some things to be aware of. But then I started to believe it was impossible for the favorable news to be true. So I went to another reader to find out if it would be a different answe. I asked the same question, and this time it was pretty much all bad. Is it still possible to have the outcome of the initial reading, even though I had that awful second reading? Thanks!

  4. Recently I had a bad reading, and this article is such a relief for me. I feel having more control, and hope it is possible to change it. Thanks

  5. Hello I split up from my wife and she went to see a physic and she kept asking questions about me even though the physic has never met me and she told he I would live till about 50-60will illness that cannot be cured. When I heard this I went to a couple physics and they said they did not see this one bit. It’s in my head and going crazy

    1. Suggestion can be powerful, but will disintegrate if rejected. Reject that idea and notion. Anytime you think of it, reject it, and affirm the opposite. “I am Permanently and Perfectly healthy” for example, can be what you say. Repeat it as much as needed. See it and feel it as true. The image and feeling will strengthen over time.

  6. Perfect. It is so true as a reader we have to keep our beliefs out of it, even if our energy is invested in a client when they come to us for a reading. I wish my clients understood that the reading is about the probabilities at the time of the reading. Great job. Thanks.

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