Psychics at work! How everyone uses their intuition on the job

Psychics at work! How everyone uses their intuition on the job

I’ve often said that the most bah-humbug person who will say categorically that they do not believe in psychic skills will admit to having or even following gut instincts when pushed. So does psychic intuition have a role in the workplace?

This University of Minnesota discussion on the role that intuition plays in health care provision is really interesting.  It talks about research showing that nurses and doctors do use their intuition at work; but that they are shy about saying so.

I was particularly struck by the line:

“the use of intuition to make clinical nursing judgments increases with the amount of clinical experience and proficiency. It is likely that increasing expertise helps experienced nurse use their intuition more skillfully and effectively.”


Again, I’ve always said that confidence plays a big role in the development of our psychic intuition.  It makes sense that the more experience and technical know-how a person has under their belt, the more they would have the confidence to trust those moments of psychic insight that they just can’t explain.  And the more listening to their intution paid off, the more confident they would be about trusting it.

It’s worth pausing for a moment to nail down what we mean by psychic intuition in any professional field.  As this discussion also says, it pops up when we just know something, have a strong feeling that we need to follow a course of action even though it might not make any sense, or find ourselves mulling over something, even though we can’t say why.  I had a personal experience of that recently when I found myself out of the blue thinking, “What would I do if my tyres blew when I was driving?”  This was promptly followed by me getting a staggering four punctures in three days!

Intuitive Thinking

I’m also really struck by intuition being talked about in ways that suggest it can also be a kind of quantum leap in our thinking.  How that works is like this.  You’ve got all the facts and experience to hand, and then all of a sudden you get a moment of blinding insight that suggests a possibility outside anything that you’ve previously tried or thought that can’t be directly tied to anything that you’ve previously known or done. You’ve literally taken a quantum leap into a whole new universe of understanding!

There are many fields where this whole approach is actually encouraged.  Any actor, singer or dancer, painter or musician uses experimentation or improvisation to get into this quantum realm.  In business, it pops up as brainstorms designed to generate ‘out of the box’ or ‘blue sky’ thinking.

Healing Intentions

This discussion paper does suggest that some hospitals are trying to bring in practices that support the use of intuition – I love the idea of all health care professionals meeting at the start of their shift to set their intention to bring healing!

Skills, knowledge, experience, training and qualifications really count.  And alongside that, I think it’s a brilliant idea to at least make a bit of space to allow intuition in.  At least that way, we give ourselves the best chance to explore the best use of this psychic skill.

But what do you think?  Have you ever had an intuition at work that has paid off?  Please share your stories by posting below as I know people love to read them and you might just inspire someone else!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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