Psychic Videos for Katherine, Strawberry, Hazel and Margarita

Psychic Videos for Katherine, Strawberry, Hazel and Margarita


I had a great time filming our new psychics. They were all lovely! Here are just a few testimonials for these new psychic readers.

Feedback after a reading with Hazel

“I have had a number of readings on Michele’s website and all have been fantastic; but last night I had a reading with Hazel (2161) and I have to say I was gob smacked. She connects instantly and just keeps giving information after information. The thing that astounded me the most was, she gave me the names of 3 guys that were in my life, I was like WOW. Truly gifted and an exceptional psychic, she is one of my favourites now and I shall be definitely coming back for a reading with Hazel.”

“Oh. My. Word. I just had a reading with Hazel which was awesome. She just talked and talked needing no prompts from me. The information flowed freely and easily and she was exceptional. Articulate, personable and compassionate -with and outstanding ability to connect with spirit and convey information quickly and most importantly she conveys it from a place of love and warmth.

Words cannot express the comfort Hazel has invested in my soul. I feel positive and uplifted and her energy has left me quite simply feeling filled with joy and optimism. I’ve had plenty of readings in the past, but none have left me filled with such an uplifted and positive outlook. Thank you Hazel.”

Feedback for Katherine

“As soon as I got on the phone she asked if it was a relationship call, and it was :) She has really bought me out of feeling low, and depressed and given me hope for the future and even a time frame in which to wait and expect something to happen, as I’m waiting for someone to call! I really feel so much better, I’d recommend her to anyone, and definitely be calling her in the future!”

“I’d like to leave feedback for new reader Katherine, completely brilliant. She went right into the heart of my situation, with no prompt from my self. She explained it step by step and it was all correct. Katherine is very easy to talk to and a brilliant grounded psychic who wont tell you things you want to hear, she tells you the truth as she sees it, which we all need to hear to be able to move forward.

She can look into the other persons feelings with such detail i knew she had the right person because only i know what this guy has been like or done. Katherine you are an amazing lady thank you for my reading today, I think finally i have spoken to the best psychic for me, connected with me and able to give me the right kind of reading i was looking for, which is an honest one.”

Feedback for Strawberry

“I have just had a reading with your new reader Strawberry and have to say that it was a very positive experience. Another great addition to your team of wonderful psychics Michele.”

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