21st Century Psychic Skills – Scrying (Crystal Ball Optional!)

21st Century Psychic Skills – Scrying

So, just what is scrying and how can it help to boost your psychic skills? Scrying is using a physical medium such as traditionally a crystal ball, mirror, candle flame, water or smoke to obtain visions of the past, present or future. Obviously the image of the gypsy fortune teller peering into her crystal ball is one of the most over-used by the media and this has resulted in scrying losing its popularity. But the fact is, scrying is a powerful way to connect with our intuition and to receive spiritual insights.

The great thing about scrying is that you probably already have what you need to start practicing it in your home right now! You don’t have to go out and spend a lot of money on a crystal ball unless you really want to. In fact, this allows you to try scrying and see if it suits your own particular psychic style without having to shell out on expensive cards, crystals etc. Remember, we are all naturally intuitive but our abilities work better with some methods more than others.

To Start

To start scrying all you need is a hand mirror or else a small tray or flat dish that you fill with a mixture of sand, sugar and salt (or any combination of these) and a candle. As with any psychic practice, turn off your phone and pick a time when you won’t be disturbed. If you are trying this in the day time close the curtains or blinds so the room is dim but not in complete darkness. Seat yourself somewhere comfortable and light the candle close to where you are sitting. If you are using a mirror for this exercise, hold the mirror on your lap so you can see into the mirror without seeing your reflection (this is VERY important so take your time to get in the right position). If you are using the tray method then just place the tray on your lap.

Take a few deep breaths to centre yourself. You might want to say a short affirmation such as: ‘I am open to whatever insights the universe/my guides/spirit wants to show me today’. Don’t stare at your tray or mirror ‘willing’ for something to happen or appear. You need to maintain what I call ‘detached mindfulness’ – you are present in the process but not forcing it. After a while you may see the grains in your tray appear to start to move or start to glimpse images in your mirror. Be open to what these are. If you get a strong ‘gut’ feeling about what they relate to file that feeling away and write it down in your psychic development journal later.

Keep a Journal

Sometimes it can take a few attempts to start to see images or impressions form. But if you persist you will usually find that scrying is a powerful tool you can use both for people you know and for yourself. When you have finished your session, write everything down in your journal so you can refer back to it. The reason I place so much importance on your journal is that it allows you to go back and chart your progress which goes a long way to boosting your confidence when it comes to reading.

Scrying is an ancient tool which may have fallen out of fashion in recent years, but it can provide us with wonderful insights and hone our psychic skills, and it deserves to be resurrected. So let’s give this ancient art of divination a new spiritual respect it deserves.

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