Psychic Reading Masterclass: Move Beyond Your Assumptions.

Psychic Reading Masterclass:

Move Beyond Your Assumptions.

Those of you who’ve read my autobiography will know that I was practically born with a set of Tarot in my hand and started giving readings at a very early age. One reading that I gave when I was about 16 has stuck in my mind ever since; because it taught me a very important lesson!

A lady who looked to be in her mid 70’s sat demurely in the chair as I spread the cards she’d shuffled.  Tuning in, I did a quick and silent double take.  It looked as though she had three lovers – but surely that wasn’t possible?  In my usual direct fashion I went for it and told her what I was picking up; and she said, “That’s right dear.”

In that moment where I hesitated I was being torn between two positions. Things I’d been led to believe about women, and certainly women of that age, and the evidence before my eyes; and in my psychic intuition. Thankfully, I went with the latter!


Getting our assumptions out of the way helps us give psychic readings that have far greater depth and accuracy. That can be a challenge as it seems we’re hard wired to make them.  In many ways, they serve a purpose.  They are part of the building blocks of learning; and if we didn’t make them we wouldn’t be able to extrapolate something we’d learned as a result of one experience over onto a new one.  A simple example might be that when we arrive at a new door we haven’t opened before we quickly process what’s in front of us; to look for anything that matches its kind it from our experience.  That’s how we can immediately start looking for a handle we assume must be there somewhere; rather than standing there helplessly unable to get through.

So assumptions or generalisations work for us – but in some instances they can work against us in that they prevent us from actually processing new, novel or unique information.  Our assumptions and generalisations can set like concrete and we can become convinced that’s the way the world is and can’t see beyond them to learn anything new.


Here’s a teaser to illustrate what I mean.  A man and his son are in a car accident and get taken to a local hospital for treatment.  The surgeon on duty looks at the son and says, “I can’t treat him, that’s my son!”  What is the relationship between the surgeon and the boy? (see below for the answer!)

Being a psychic reader means acting as a channel between all the information flying around in the universe and the person having the reading.  What we are aiming for with meditation practice and psychic development is moving beyond any assumptions or generalisation we might jump to so that we can be a clear channel.

So in your psychic development, as you start to give psychic readings or want to increase your skills as a psychic reader, just be aware of where you may be filtering what you get through your own assumptions and generalisations and work on tuning in to the unique individual having the reading!

Loads of love,

Michele x

Teaser answer:

The surgeon is the boy’s mother.  Did you get it right, or was your first assumption that the surgeon had to be the boy’s step-father?

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