Psychic Reading Masterclass – How To Evolve Your Readings

Psychic Reading Masterclass 

How To Evolve Your Readings

When thinking about developing psychic reading skills, many people focus on getting to know tools; such as Tarot or runes, and regular spiritual practices such as meditation to enhance their intuitive abilities.

These are all good routes to becoming a skilled psychic reader. But there is something else that I believe can also really help us evolve readings to the next level; and that’s keeping an ear out for habitual language patterns that we might otherwise fall in to using.

The power of words

The magic and power of words is something that we might take for granted in our everyday lives. The very words we choose to express ourselves shape our experience; and can see us becoming very conscious about how we might want to challenge our own use of the word ‘can’t’. Especially when we talk about something that we haven’t tried. But the same power that words have to both help us move on and hold us back also apply to the way that we link in when we are doing psychic readings; or any kind of intuitive work.

In order to understand what I mean,  I need to talk about how clichés function in our world.  Clichés  are units of communication – phrases such as ‘good as gold’, for example. They provide a rich and varied repertoire of easily accessed meanings that we pass back and forth.  And they don’t just appear in the form of words. They appear in art, theatre, advertising and in all forms of communication.  If you’re a lover of musicals, you know that when the lights dim and someone steps into a spotlight and everyone else on stage goes still that you’re about to hear a song sung solo; and certain kinds of melodies tell you it’s going to be a sad song before you’ve even heard a word.


Clichés get passed around so much precisely because they are so quick and easy to understand.  As a result, they tend to get used a lot and we tend to gobble them up as a whole without really thinking.  And that’s where they can hold us back.  Because we’ve raced straight through them, we can make assumptions about the information that is being passed around that means we can miss out on a far greater depth.

In psychic readings, as in life, we can only go as far as the language we use takes us.

How does this appear in psychic readings?  Listen out if you hear yourself talking about life’s ups and downs, everything happening for a reason, relatives who have crossed over who just want to send the sitter some love or any phrases that you use repeatedly.


A good psychic reader might be able to pin point heartbreak in someone having a reading with degree of accuracy around the events that surrounded it.  But every heart is different and every experience of heartbreak has unique qualities as well as common themes.  An exceptional psychic reader will be able to look around the experience of heartbreak to see how it rippled out across the psyche of the person having the reading, so that they can identify the particular areas of healing and growth that may be required.  That takes subtlety and the ability to look and listen at a far deeper level.

When we slip into a familiar language pattern when doing a psychic reading we can dim our insights and weaken the reading by not connecting to the real experience of the client. Generalisations and clichés can block our psychic flow. Try to be as specific and unique as you can when doing a reading and look out for any phrases which might be holding you back. I believe we are going through a powerful time of spiritual evolution where our abilities can be increased as we increase our intention and vibration and it is up to each individual to to stretch and grow in this very special time.

Loads of love
Michele x

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