Psychic reading do’s and don’ts

Psychic reading do’s and don’ts

Giving an outstanding psychic reading is about far more than just using psychic skills. Of course it’s important to be specific and detailed when giving a psychic readng. Some people spend years developing skills that can be used in psychic readings, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience, but I feel it is equally important to spend time thinking about how we can use psychic skills to transform the life of the person having the reading. A good 21st century psychic will not disempower you by being fatalistic but be specific, detailed and encourage you to choose your own path.

I’ve said before that I’ve actually turned away readers who want to join my team who gave great descriptions and accurate details purely because I thought they needed to spend more time on developing the other related skills that make an exceptional reader.  So here are a few of my do’s and don’ts of doing psychic readings.

Don’t just blurt out what you may pick up.  Think about the impact that what you are saying has upon the person hearing it.  Will it empower them, or will you cause unnecessary distress?

Don’t get lazy.  Rattling through readings where you talk about the same things in the same way won’t help the people having readings from you and I believe actually shuts down your psychic development.

Don’t try and shoehorn what you have said to fit what the client may go on to tell you about themselves.  If you’ve already said that you’ve picked up that they are in a relationship and they tell you that they are single, it’s not okay to try and backtrack by saying that you’re picking up on someone around them they are close to!

Don’t try and take charge of someone else’s destiny.  You are there to support them in living their own life, not to tell them what they must do.

Do be specific with details about the past and present. Giving specific details enables the client to know that you are a true psychic and not a ‘cold reader’ I expect all my psychics to be able to say things they could not possibly guess or know.

Do let people know they are in charge of their destiny and have the free will to transform stuck patterns.

Do consider developing other skills that you can add to the readings that you give, such as counselling, life coaching, or something along the lines of Neuro-Linguistic Programming that actually helps you turn insight into action.

Do help people find a way through where they are beset by obstacles.  People usually know what’s wrong, or don’t need to be reminded of what isn’t working.  The really useful information is what they don’t know or what they could do next to empower themselves.  For example, instead of just saying, ‘The reason why you aren’t getting the jobs that you want is because you don’t believe in yourself’, say, ‘I think it would be really good to look at how you could feel more positive about yourself so that you totally believe that you can get the job you want.’

Developing your ability to help another person unlock their own power is exciting and also helps you stay fresh and enthusiastic about what you do. I believe we are evolving at an astonishing rate and in these exciting and turbulent times we can all find our own unique gift and have the chance to help each other grow in a whole new way.

Much love and deep joy to you

Michele x

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