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Psychic TinaTina 2171

“I just had a phenomenal and truly an amazing reading with Tina! Her detail in visual descriptions of people, places and situations was completely mind blowing! Not only did it shock me in amazement how her gifted talents could see this, but she could read the person and situation without fault!

We spoke for ages like old friends and she was so sweet, caring and kind with great guidance and full clarity on the situation. We pieced together the full story I needed help with and she guided me so well, which lead me through to a huge breakthrough on the whole situation. This allowed me to view what was troubling me in a different perspective.

She is kind, caring and gives great guidance on the situation. You will feel as if you’re talking to a best pal! She listens and understands, which allows you to feel comfortable.”

psychic astrologer EmmaEmma 2273

“I had a lovely reading with Emma tonight. We instantly connected and she was tuned in to my situation and it’s comforting to know what I feel is confirmed, she gave me lots of guidance in being patient and enjoy things unfolding for me. Thanks Emma you really made me feel confident and look forward to my new venture in life.”

psychic SereenaSerena 2107

“Thank you very much to Serena. She was direct, no waffle and retained an emotional intelligence to the reading I really appreciated. I was at a career crossroads and she nailed it – which gave me clarity!  Brilliant.  Lovely lady!”

Psychic reader MariaMaria 2213

“Just wanted to say Maria said a lot of which I hope comes into my life. One of the last comments was “do you like purple and gold? She said she was seeing that. I said not especially, I’m more a silver girl. however just 48 hours later my daughter picked up  her brand new club tracksuit, which I didn’t know was purple ,  and won her first gold medal in an event and a bronze.  We had been talking about my daughter’s just previously and I really think that is what she saw!!  She also mentioned the exact date of an event I would be at, I hadn’t worked out the timings on the phone, but when I looked at my calendar I was amazed that it was bang on the date.”

psychic HazelHazel 2161

“Hazel is totally fantastic, emotionally intelligent, non judgemental and incredibly gifted. I was so glad to be talking to her today. She is gentle yet very powerful. I had the privilege of speaking to her after a month wait and she was actually really worth it. She knows what’s going on and guides you through it, offering a constant flow of information, describing things only I would know. That leaves you quite breathless and with the feeling you aren’t alone. With calm she cut through the chaos, explaining why things are happening the way they do.”

Psychic astrologer KarenKaren 2278

“Karen is great to speak with and has very positive energy. She made me laugh and I have spoken with her a few times now, as she is a great reader.”

Karen 2278

“Karen’s dual astrology/psychic combination is just amazing. Her insight on both these levels was just what I needed, to help me through a difficult time. I will definitely be consulting her again in the future. Thank you Karen!”

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