Psychic Problem Page – Am I really destined to be a healer?

Approximately 30 years ago I was told that one day I will be a healer. I almost forgot about it but then, 10 years later, I was reminded again. And then again – just a few years ago! I still can’t understand why these other healers/clairvoyants (whom I see occasionally) keep saying it to me? I feel very “normal”, if I may say so. My only abilities are sensing people – their moods, their hidden emotions etc. I tend to look into peoples’ eyes to gather information or to find the truth.

If I really concentrate or if I am tired, I can see auras. But nothing dazzling! I am fifty now but still have not found the answer. I know quite a lot about spiritual life, have been with several  spiritual teachers, have read lots of books. Do I really have some higher purpose in this life?

Jan-Lee says:

Thanks for your question. I agree with the healers/clairvoyants who have told you about your healing abilities.  I would say that you’ve probably been using them whether you are aware of it or not.  Sometimes healing ability is used when we listen to others in a sympathetic or empathic way; and healing is channeled via your listening and serving in that way.

I’m aware that I channel healing during the readings I give for example. If you wish to develop your healing abilities you see if there is a healing modality/course you are drawn to and studying it in more detail by going to a workshop.

Developing your gift

I am a natural born psychic/healer and did not realise for many years until I joined a spiritual development group and my gifts flowered. A pianist can be born with a gift for music and the ability to play more than chopsticks but it won’t develop unless he/she takes lessons to develop and nurture their gift. It is the same with healers/psychics.

Finally, it doesn’t matter how old you are when you begin your spiritual path – I have taught people in their sixties to meditate and develop their gifts.  If you feel in your heart that it’s the right time, then it is, and I wish you many joyful experiences on your healing path.

Love, Light and Blessings


Jan-Lee Pin 2103 is an exceptional medium who started seeing spirits when she was a child and at a later age joined a spiritual development circle where she learned to meditate and develop her natural psychic gifts. She’s been giving psychic readings for over 20 years now.


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