One Week to Psychic Mastery! Take the 7 Day Psychic Boost.

One Week to Psychic Mastery!

Take the 7 Day Psychic Boost

How would you like to boost your psychic skills and take them to the next level in just one week? What’s more you won’t have to vary your routine or carve out extra time in a busy schedule. Sounds good? All you need is something to jot down notes on – and this can be an old-fashioned notebook, your tablet or phone – whatever is most convenient for you and with which you can easily review what you are picking up as you go.

Ready? Let’s go!

It’s this simple. As you go about your day all you have to do is make entries every day of hunches, gut feelings, insights, synchronicities, strange coincidences, dreams, feelings about people of situations you ‘pick up’ or things you feel are going to happen. You don’t have to be on high alert or seeking these out. Allow them to happen as and when they do.

When they do however, make a note. The great thing about apps on our phone or a tablet is that they can make doing this a lot simpler than just pausing to pull out a notebook and pen – but it all depends on your preferences and which feels the most ‘right’ for you. Every day, review what you have written and if you need to transfer your notes onto another medium then do so. Whatever you do – don’t edit yourself or dismiss something as ‘insignificant’ as this will interfere with the process. After all – nobody is going to see what you write except for you!

At the end of seven days it’s now time to go through everything. Chances are when you read back even over a week you’ll suddenly discover that little things you jotted down turned out to have a big significance and so many hunches played out and turned out to be spot-on. If you recorded dreams, chances are you’ll suddenly see a new meaning behind them or be able to tune in to what your subconscious was actually trying to tell you.

Develop your confidence

The main purpose of this exercise is to show you that you are more psychic than you think and to develop your confidence in your own abilities. Our psychic skills – the sixth sense if you prefer, is just like all our other senses which operate without us consciously trying to influence or ‘tune in’ to them all the time. In other words, your intuition operates 24/7 and this 7 day exercise proves it. Not only that, you’ll have increased confidence in your abilities and skills as a result. Of course, if you want to, you can keep going as there’s no need to limit the process to a week but you’ll quickly see that it really does only take seven days to take your psychic abilities to the next level.

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