Psychic Intuition: Delve Beyond Surface Question

Psychic intuition and delving beyond the surface question

My article on contacting psychic readers or using personal oracle systems to ask the same question over and over again has prompted some of you to post some touchingly honest responses, so I wanted to say a bit more here about how intuition can really serve us at such times.

Whether you are consulting a professional psychic reader or using your own oracle system, rather than asking the same question – will he come back, what does she think or will I get that job, we can actually call upon intuition as a resource to help us reclaim our powers of co-creation.

That’s all about asking a different kind of question. Psychic readings can give you the answers to what you are creating now energetically and with your patterns. Know you are the Magician of your life and have the power to transform your destiny. I believe only a few things in life are ‘fated’ and that the power of a reading is to know what is coming and then you have the ability to step into your own power. What makes life a success or failure is not what happens but how we handle it.

Adapting your oracle system

Let’s take a situation that we can all easily understand. You’re single and you want to attract love into your life. You’ve had a psychic reading or used your own oracle system to ask if there’s anyone on the horizon, and you’ve got your
answer that love is on its way in. And then, for whatever reason,  you start getting the urge to ask another psychic if they see love coming in or consult your own oracle system again.

I would suggest that the better question that will actually help you deal with what’s really going on when that happens, is , ‘what in me is creating this feeling?’ or ‘what do I need to understand in order to help me address this feeling?’ ‘What can I do to shift my energy to bring love in?’

You can adapt any oracle system for this kind of work, but let’s say you’re using a personal favourite of mine – the Rider Waite tarot deck. Pull out the Major Arcana as they are fabulous for dealing with the big themes of life and shuffle them, asking the question ‘what in me is creating this feeling?’ or ‘what do I need to understand in order to help me address this feeling?’

Then when you’re ready, spread the cards face down in front of you, pick one and turn it over.

Using the tarot

I’ve just done and turned over Judgement.  Judgement is the ‘onwards and upwards’ card, representing a call from a higher place to a higher ground that we have to be ready to drop anything holding us back to embrace.  That prompts us to ask, do we need to release any old hurts or fears that could be affecting our vibration?  Is it possible that we might have got fixated on the idea of having a relationship with someone who isn’t quite right for us and we need to move on from that and trust the universe to deliver someone even better?

Oracle systems and good psychic readers can provide us with an intuitive roadmap to inner work and the route to transformation.

Taking action

Then it’s really important to act on what is revealed.  If we were to go through the process of discovering that deep down we’re afraid to release the idea of having a relationship with one particular person because we feel unlovable and fear no one else could ever love us, and then think, well that’s all very interesting but now back to obsessing about whether so and so will ask us out or whathisname will come back, we would block the synchronicities that opening up at that deep psychic level has tuned us into.  Along with that, we can find that our intuition begins to fade against the noise of our obsessive thinking.

We are all divine works in progress and using intuitive guidance or oracle systems to help us transform actually helps us step into our power, and our point of power is the place from which we actually co-create the life we want.

On this site you’ll find a two part series on using the Major Arcana to Transform Problems that you might find a useful guide to using the Rider Waite and adapting your own preferred oracle system for this purpose.

If you have your own oracle system, try it and let me know how it works for you!

Loads of love,

Michele x

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