Psychic Development: Test Your PSY-Q!

We’re all psychic whether you want to label it as ‘intuition’, ‘gut feeling’ or ‘precognition’. There are many ways to develop our psychic abilities as there are psychic styles and obviously as you continue to practice your skills you’ll find the exercises that suit you best and open you to receiving more information about people and situations. Here is one that anybody can try if they have a spare half hour and a pile of newspapers or magazines they haven’t read yet. You’ll also need a pen and paper handy.

Pick a time you won’t be disturbed or turn off your phone. You are going to pick up information psychically about people just by concentrating on their picture in a feature story and writing down everything you think is going on in their life just by looking at their face. Don’t think too hard and take as much time as you need. Above all – don’t start to ‘edit’ yourself or start wondering whether what you are writing is true or not. Just concentrate on the pictures and see what feelings, smells, emotions or situations you can sense around them. Above all – don’t cheat by reading the story. If you are worried you might inadvertently glance at the feature then cut the picture from the magazine and close it.

Let go of initial judgements. You might be looking at a picture of a couple in evening dress – because they are photographed together does this mean they are a couple? Or if they are, that they are necessarily in love? Just because they are dressed to the nines does this mean they are rich? Probe below the surface and see what comes up.

You can use photographs of celebrities provided you are not the president of that celebrity’s fan club or usually follow them – and of course you don’t read the article first! A celebrity is actually a good person to start with as you may pick up something about them which may not be true at the time but be reported in the media later. So keep hold of your notes and the date you made them as you may be surprised what you pick up.

If you find a pile of old magazines at a charity shop or at a relatives who likes to hoard – even better. Pick a feature about someone unfamiliar to you. After you’ve written down your impressions you can do a Google search on them to see what’s been happening in their lives since the article and if you’ve picked up on it!

After you have finished writing your impressions, go back and read the article that accompanied the pictures. Does it validate any of your impressions? As you practice you will find you start to ‘tune in’ more and more accurately. You may also find the information you receive the quickest turns out to be the most accurate.

Magazines are a good starting point for when you start to use your skills with people. As you become more and more confident you can then apply your skills to the people you meet in daily life and put them to good use.

The more psychic development exercises you try, the more you will start to understand the way your particular psychic abilities work.



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