Psychic Development SOS: Help! I Got It Wrong!

It doesn’t matter whether you have just started to explore your psychic skills or have been practicing for some time. There will come a time when either something totally unforeseen occurs or events just don’t turn out as you predicted. If you are just starting off, this can be a real confidence shaker. Even seasoned readers often experience feelings of doubt when this happens. However, before you lock up your Tarot cards forever or abandon your astrology books, it’s important to step back and look at what’s happened objectively as this can often be an opportunity to learn something that can enhance your readings in the future.

First, understand that no reader, no matter how gifted, can be right all the time. In fact, you should be cautious of anyone who claims to be ‘100% accurate’ as it’s statistically impossible! When a reading is done it usually reflects what will happen should events continue to unfold as they are doing. The fact is soul contracts can be changed at any time – this is what free will is all about.

Next, review all the times you have been right. Chances are you are predicting outcomes accurately most of the time.

Ask yourself: What is the lesson to be learned from this? Be honest with yourself. If the reading was for yourself did you fall into the trap of being subjective in your interpretation instead of objective? If the reading was for somebody else did you tell them what you felt they wanted to hear instead of what you intuitively knew would happen? Did you stick to the standard interpretation of the cards or aspects when your intuition was telling you something else? Did you feel not particularly connected to the person you were reading for? Were you thinking of something else at the time you were performing the reading? What was your energy level like? Did you feel tired, drained or unwell? Honesty in a reading and treating each reading as if it is your very first are 2 of my golden rules for readers.

If the reading was for yourself then if you are uncertain, ask a friend for their interpretation in future or else get clarification from one of our readers. If you were reading for someone else and you told them what they wanted to hear rather than what you felt would happen, then make a promise to operate from truth and integrity in future even if you feel the person won’t like what you have to say. If you don’t feel a connection with someone, if your attention is elsewhere or if for whatever reason your energy is not where it needs to be, then even if you are giving a reading for free, you need to tell the person that either nothing is coming through for you or you don’t feel you can give them the attention they deserve right now. Above all, if the traditional message behind the cards says one thing but your intuition is screaming another then always go with your intuition – this is what being psychic is all about!

Occasionally all readers have what we call a ‘missed reading’ – where the information that comes through just doesn’t make sense to the person you are reading for. Even psychics have off days. Sometimes what comes through may make perfect sense later or of course, there is the odd occasion when you are perfectly right but the person you’re reading for isn’t ready to hear what you have to say yet. If so, all you can do is wish them love and light but not take any criticism on board.

Remember, your psychic skills are like any other ability – you have to practice. Accept the fact that you will occasionally misinterpret the information you are given – after all – it often arrives as impressions, flashes and symbols. Provided you are operating from a desire to empower others and a place of honesty and love your readings will be relevant and filled with inspiration for anyone you read for – including yourself!

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