Psychic Development Secrets: How to Tell if it’s Real Intuition

Psychic Development Secrets:

How to Tell if it’s Real Intuition

We talk a lot about trusting our intuition; listening to it and emphasising that intuition whispers rather than shouts at us in most instances. Our intuition is there to guide us; but often people worry about whether or not they are receiving real intuitive information; or whether it is just ‘their imagination’ or ‘wishful thinking’.


Science and mystics agree on one thing – the universe and everything in it is comprised of energy. A ‘web’ of energy that connects everyone and everything and which accounts for Enistein’s ‘spooky action at a distance’ – where an object on one side of the universe can be affected by another on the opposite side. Well, our intuition is all part of that and as such, connects us to the universal consciousness. It’s all energy – and therein lies to key to telling whether it is real intuition or something we fear we may be ‘making up’.

When our intuition speaks to us there is a shift in energy – one way or another. This does not happen when it is just a thought or ‘imagination’. So, when something starts to nag at you, and you get a ‘feeling’ about something or someone, pay attention to your energy. Does it go up or down in a big way? Now you have it. That’s intuition at work like an electric current in your life!


Sometimes we may not get the message but our energy may start to shift to alert us to something that is going on and this is another way intuition communicates. One example of this may be around a friendship or close connection. Although things may appear fine on the surface, have you recently felt a shift in your energy when this person is around or you speak to them? Perhaps for no explicable reason you suddenly start to feel very ‘drained’ around a friend with whom you used to enjoy spending time.

You may start to delay calling them back or seeing them – and all the time berate yourself for doing so. But the truth is in these kinds of situations, this energy shift is usually our intuition telling us something may not be right with the connection. Similarly, you may recall a instance where the energy between you and a friend changed in another way – and you suddenly realised they wanted more than just friendship and it is this energy shift that alerted you.

Thoughts have energy and this is the basis behind all manifestation techniques including Quantum Creating. Therefore, intuition is energy as well. By understanding this and tuning in we can utilise our intuition far more effectively simply by paying attention to the ‘vibe’ and understanding that real intuition has a frequency all it’s own!

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