Psychic Development 101: Tune Accurate Intuition

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Psychic Development 101

Tuning into Accurate Intuition

One of the questions I get asked all the time by people who are developing their psychic abilities is: How do I recognise true intuition as opposed to what I want to happen or just a plain bad idea? This is a really good question and one that we all have to deal with as we develop accurate guidance we can rely on in our lives.

We all have the gift of intuition and its close relative – inspiration. It’s no coincidence that inspiration contains the words in spirit – because true intuition and inspiration flows to us from the spiritual, Quantum realm or universal wisdom – whatever we choose to call it. It is devoid of our ego and free of attachment to outcomes – it is totally pure and limitless wisdom – so – what’s the secret to recognising it?

Intuition does not shout – it whispers

Intuition has no time limit attached – it nudges us down a path – it doesn’t say we have to race down it or change direction suddenly except in very rare cases where we get an intense ‘feeling’ we shouldn’t walk down that dark alley! Very often we are trying to access our intuition to gain answers to issues we are facing. This can range from something immediate and specific such as what we should do about say a relationship or career issue to seeking inspiration for a creative or business project – in both these instances we are seeking information from our intuition.

First of all, you need to openly state what information you require such as: ‘Tell me what I need to know/do about my situation with so-and-so’ or more generally ‘I really want to have my own business/write a successful novel/screenplay/become a successful entrepreneur/astronaut/Olympic medallist – what is the next step for me to achieve this?’ Write down the questions you need your intuition to answer in your journal.

This is a really important step so please don’t skip it as writing your questions down opens up the creative and problem-solving areas of your brain and starts to link you to your source of wisdom which comes direct from the universe! If by doing this you start to spark off some ideas write them down as they come in. Some of you who are also learning the Tarot can even do a spread and see if you get any ideas from your cards. Again, write down anything that comes through.

‘Do nothing’

Now – whether you have already received some answers or not I am going to ask you to stop and do nothing. Yes, that’s right. Do nothing. If you are sitting there and nothing came through guess what? That’s fine too. In fact, this makes it easy for you to do nothing as you don’t as yet have any answers! Close up your journal no matter where you are at and forget about your questions and any information you have received because remember what I said – true intuition has no time limit attached to it. True intuition and inspiration returns again and again and more frequently.

So – say your question was about what to do with a relationship and you got an answer. Sit with this and actually put it out of your mind. Does this answer keep coming back more and more frequently over the next few days? Then it is real intuition. Say you asked your intuition for ideas for a creative or business project or how to go about reaching any kind of goal either professional or personal. Does one particular answer keep returning again and again? Do you feel a sense of resonance around it? Does it excite you, stretch you a little? Congratulations! That is your real answer and real intuitive wisdom.

If we feel a sense of desperation, panic or a feeling that unless we act ‘right now’ on the information – chances are this is our ego getting in the way and not the voice of true intuition at all. The lesson here is to remember our gifts in life have our name on them and there is no ‘use-by’ date on them. Take your time to allow the real voice of your intuition to make itself heard – you won’t regret it if you do.





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